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  Seven Wounds Training

As Michael explained to me, we each will wounded seven times in our lives. It is just part of being human and it happens to all of us. When this happens, we think, "Oh well, I will get over it" but we never do. As time goes by, what we really do is learn to deal with it or do our best to forget it. However, the wound never heals on its own.

We donít even realize the wound is dictating our choices throughout our life. In fact, any possible experience that presents itself in our life that remotely looks like, feels like, sounds like or smells like the wound will prompt us to reopen it. We guard ourselves against being wounded again. When we do this, we are denying ourselves what could one of the greatest experiences of our lives.

Learn what the Seven Wounds are and have them healed. Then when a vulnerable experience presents itself, you can choose from a clear choice and not from the old wound.

This is a two-day training class
The cost of the Seven Wounds training is $500.

You will learn what the Seven Wounds are and how they came about.

You will have each Wound healed and sealed.

You will be taught how and empowered to heal the Seven Wounds of others.

You will be Certified as a Seven Wounds Healer.

Your life will change in way you canít imagine with a clean and clear place to make choices in your life.

If you would like to host a class in your area give me a call I will give you the information on how we can make it happen. Call Joe Crane at 830 751 2270. More information on the Workshops page.


What they say about the Healing the Seven Wounds Workshop:

Caroline: The class I attended last weekend in Colorado with Joe Crane has changed my life. It's called Healing the Seven Wounds. I have changed how I interact with my daughter, am much more patient and I respond instead of react. This is huge. I recommend this class for anyone wanting to change their relationships in a positive way! Love, love, love to Joe Crane for teaching this class.

Linda: This course was the absolute best! Thank you for sharing this marvelous opportunity of learning and empowerment. Joe told us we would experience a shift in our lives and he wasn't kidding. Everything has changed, our relationship with life is pure love, pure bliss.

  Seven Wounds Training Class  

Archangel Michael


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