An Angelic Guide to the Universe


Overview: Starting in 1995 a series of angelic appearances began that continue to today. Originally these visits centered around Joseph Crane finding seven master souls who were to take forthcoming teachings from the angelic realm and bring them to humanity. In 1997, Crane was instructed to invite together these seven masters in Concord, California. From that day forward, a large body of teachings and information has continued to unfold that would fill a thousand page book. The dynamic of the current appearances has now centered on the angelic realm and humanity working together to bring forth a New Eden that will serve as a blessing ground for the coming Age of Healing and Enlightenment.


Do you believe in angels? I do.

I have seen angels. I have talked with angels.

I have even touched angels and they me.

Angels are real. They do exist.

How the angelic appearances began:

Angels have been spoken of ever since stories have been told. People throughout the world attest to seeing angels. There are more stories of people seeing and getting messages today than any other time in history. There are more people who have seen an angel, or had an angel touch their lives, than you may think.

I know you are here for a reason and it is not by accident. Just like me you want to know for sure. Over eighteen years ago I got to find out the answer to my question. Yes angels are real. What you don’t know is there have been angels working your life for a long time. Angels have been there for you when you were helped by a stranger in a time of need. Angel have given you comfort in words of wisdom and you didn’t even know it.

The first time I ever heard an Angel was many years ago and that voice saved my as well as the others that were with me. I was stationed on the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Forrestal during the Vietnam War. On July 29, 1967, I was in a compartment with several other men that had worked all night, trying to catch some sleep before the next shift. An airplane on deck misfired a missile and it struck a fuel tank on a plane and exploded. After the initial explosion and the rocking of our world, the bombs started to cook off and explode opening the deck. These bombs fell through the holes and started exploding as they fell down through the ship nine levels killing as they exploded. The ship’s cabins and corridors were filled with thick smoke everywhere and we were trapped till I heard a voice that said, “Come this way if you want to live!” That day, I followed that voice along with the other crewmen in my quarter’s o safety. I never met who was behind that voice until thirty years later. But that my friends is another story.

My life has had its ups and downs from speaking to groups of hundreds and radio shows for thousands. I have had lows ranging from divorce to death. Through these years, Michael, Gabriel, and others have blessed me with philosophical insight, essential oil blends for healing, visions of what is to come, It is up to you to explore these pages and find what is true for you.

About Joseph Crane

Joseph Crane, DD, PhD is the author of The Masters Return, Teaching the Masters, Blessings, Gifts, and Deeds, along with being co-author of On the Wings of Heaven. For the past years Crane has demonstrated his commitment to share messages from the angelic realm. These messages contain information about healing, using sound frequencies and sacred oils, spiritual revelations, and becoming the masters we all inherently are. Joseph has assisted many in healing using the knowledge brought forth by the realm of angels, and has seen many miracles take place over the years. Dr. Crane is widely regarded as a speaker and workshop presenter who has appeared across the country.

History of Joseph Crane

Crane’s life has gone through dramatic changes, all leading to his betterment, his discovering the fullness of meaning of who he is. That has empowered him to lead others into finding their paths to complete self-discovery and self-awareness. All that Joseph stands for can be wrapped up in one of the statements by the angels: “You are perfect, whole, and complete, just the way you are.” How many of us are willing to acknowledge that, believe that, trust in such words? Joe did. And in so doing, he has become a voice for all of humanity realizing the Divine Within, finding the Master Within. From that comes personal peace that allows us to discover who we truly and what our true purpose is.

Joseph Crane’s history with the angelic realm began on a naval ship during the Vietnam War. An explosion had rocked the ship putting everyone’s life at risk. A voice in the distance spoke out of thickening smoke telling him to follow it, leading him and all the men in his quarters to safety. When he tried to thank whoever it was behind the voice, he found no one, at least not until 1995, when the first angelic appearance occurred—the same voice that had saved him and his fellow sailors during the war.

The angel gave him a choice as to whether he would live a life of service or not. That decision took him on a two-year search for the seven masters that the angel he called Michael said he was to find. After finding the Seven, Michael then began a bringing forth astounding information that would lead to great changes in people’s lives who chose to make a commitment for their spiritual growth.

As the years continued, other angels appeared bringing with them gifts for humanity. Those gifts varied from rituals that would bring forth blessing, to information on how to use sacred oils, tuning fork information for healing, and how to alter both reality and matter. Then came information on how to create an angelic gateway, called the Gate of Grace, connecting the angelic realms with the realms of humanity in a powerful way. In 2003 the angels requested that humanity join with them through the next nine years toward bringing back to our Earth an Eden-like state. By using sacred ritual and sacred geometry through the mutual efforts of the masters and the angels over the years, our world now stands ready to welcome the Eden-like Age of Healing and Enlightenment.

Along with the teachings came requests for books to be written. These included Blessings, Gifts, and Deeds, On the Wings of Heaven, Teaching the Masters, and The Masters Return.


Archangel Michael

From John, the next morning after a session with Joe:

"Getting better, over did it this am because my knee felt wonderful all night. The circulation in my legs is unreal now! Oh, boy, am I blessed!! Thanks a million, Luv u!"

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