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The Children of Light Conference
Denver, Colorado  June 14-17, 2017
(13-18 with travel days)
Holiday Inn, Denver East 
hotel website
3333 East Quebec Street, Denver, CO  
Special hotel rate for Children of Light Attendees. Use this link Use this link to reserve you room at the special rate. When you enter the room dates and press enter, it will auto generate the Group Code and discounted rate.

Special note for Holiday Inn reservations:
For those of you who have been trying to get a hotel room at the Holiday Inn I have some information for you. The hotel is going through a re-model stage and as they do this rooms will be coming available. I talked with the hotel today and some rooms have been opened. As they finish their work there will be more rooms becoming available between now and the time we get there. If you wish to book a room there and there is nothing available when you call ask them to put you on a waiting list. Getting a room reservation ask them to put you through to Kim. Her direct phone number is 303 329-2712.

Here is the list of hotels close to the Holiday Inn Denver East, Stapleton:
Renaissance – 303-399-750
Courtyard – 303-333-3303
Doubletree North – 303-321-6666
Doubletree – 303-321-3333

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Denver Conference Schedule 2017

 Video about the Children of Light Conference 2017
 (3 min)

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Our On a Wing and a Prayer Fund is a way for you to assist others Masters that need a little financial help to be at the Conference. If you wish to donate, please use the On Wing and a Prayer button / down arrow and choose what you would you want to contribute.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to limited space, reservations are not held without a deposit. Once a deposit is given, there are NO REFUNDS. All registration payments, including those made by credit card, are NON-REFUNDABLE. All cancelled reservation deposits can be transferred at the time of cancellation to another person of your choice. If no other person can be found by you, then the event cost and space is forfeited.

Joe discusses the Children of Light Conference:
We always have great conferences and we continue to add to what has been made before. It is a big project given to us by the Angels and it will benefit everyone.

Joe Crane,
Nancy Rynes, Dr. Michael C. Barnett, David Michael Hash, and Stacie Ivey

Music by:

Laurell Eden and Shawn Gallaway


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Children and family rates

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At the conference:

Archangel Michael’s Master Formation, Saturday, 7-10 pm

To participate in Archangel Michael’s Master Formation, you must have been previously gathered. Gatherings will be offered Wed and Sat only during this Conference.



Joe Crane  www.beatpeace.netJoe Crane
Keynote:  Angelic Teachings on Rejuvenation - Spreading the Child of Light Process   

• Bestselling co-author and lecturer
• Servant to the Angels
• Recipient of the Angelic Book of Healing

The work of Joe Crane has made it possible for people from all walks of life to use tools for healing, self-improvement, and self-empowerment by working with the angels. He holds everyone as a perfect child of God.

Nancy Rynes

Nancy is a leading voice for personalizing the wisdom of Near Death Experiences (NDEs), developing our heart-centered intuition, and living a life of inspired creativity. Known for her fun, lighthearted, girl-next-door demeanor, Nancy teaches others how to live a more purposeful, joyful, connected, and Heaven-inspired life.

As a scientist and corporate trainer, for over two decades Nancy aligned herself with the skepticism prevalent in so much of the scientific community. She remained an atheist until her life-changing bicycling accident and near-death experience (NDE). Now, Nancy is an avid spiritual seeker as well as practitioner of compassion, kindness, contemplative prayer, and spiritual communication. Drawing on Heaven's transformational wisdom learned during her own NDE, she integrates the teachings of love, compassion, kindness, gratitude, and joy that form the foundation for a contented, meaningful life.

About the workshop:
Nancy will touch on:
What is Heaven Like? How can we live Heaven on Earth? Spiritual Guides and the Angels of Light Communicating with Spirit Guides

Book website: Awakenings From the Light
Art website 
email: Nancy_Rynes@Live.com

Dr. Michael C. Barnett
He is a licensed acupuncturist/herbalist and homeopath, in practice for 35 years. Through clinical research utilizing Number Vibration (Radionics & Homeopathy), Astrology [Burmese & Mayan], he has found the laws governing a universal ‘language of energy’, an eternal language of resonance ‘spoken’ by everything. The Tuning Forks given by the Archangels via Joe Crane, those pertaining to the Tree of Life, have been every important for Michael’s research. They enabled accurate study of the 7 Planetary archetypes and the 8 Forces archetypes (as in the I Ching), which are the basis of Burmese Astrology.

About the workshop:
Michael will be providing potent tools for self-knowledge, self-transformation, and self-healing in his presentations at this Conference. To facilitate each person’s having their personal Burmese Astrology chart to refer to, he is requesting all participants to email their name, with date (year, month, day) and (if possible) time of birth to him.

David Michael Hash
The Illuminated Human

Join author/presenter David Michael Hash in this fascinating look at the shift from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age. Human perceptions are expanding as our intuition becomes an active part of our daily lives. He will share with the group secrets of expanding your intuitive abilities and techniques for relieving stress and to heal your body.

About the workshop:
In this presentation, David Michael will share the importance of sacred geometry and the role it plays in our daily lives. Learn how to change your perceptions, and bring more joy and love into your life. Experience the subtle energy that makes up all of Creation and discover the secrets of manifestation. Using a special technique, we will alter the frequency of our brainwaves to raise the group vibration. This in turn will enhance the energy of the main formation at the end of the conference! Human relationships and consciousness will also be explored as it is the context for all human interaction. Come and experience this amazing presentation and get a glimpse into the future of humanity!

Stacie Ivey
Stacie Ivey is the author of three books, Awakening Your Feminine Spirit, Awakening Your Feminine Spirit Workbook, and her children’s book, Before the Veil. She has a master’s degree in communication disorders from UNM and is a nationally certified and licensed speech-language pathologist with 20 years of therapy experience.

Through many personal life struggles and her own inner promptings, Stacie began exploring positive psychology, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and energy practices to heal and transform her own life. In 2009, she became registered yoga instructor following her yoga teacher training month-long immersion in Costa Rica at Nosara Yoga Institute, which was her version of “Eat Pray Love.”

"In my books, I talk about balancing the masculine and feminine energies and conscious parenting, as well as healing, energy and light. I have worked as a speech-language pathologist for 19 years with children who are highly sensitive and empathic (labeled disabled by cultural norms)."

Shawn Gallaway
Singer/songwriter, visual artist, author, ceremonial healer, workshop facilitator and Energy Worker. He has traveled throughout the world sharing his message of Healing Through the Arts, and branding Conscious Music, which is music with a purpose - to awaken the collective heart of humanity to Love! His I Choose Love song and global movement continues to encircle the world over, igniting the hearts of people everywhere to consciously move with Love each day in their relationships, actions, words, and commitments.

Shawn completed and released his sixth CD, “On The Way” which includes the theme song for www.Unify.org  and has recently released the single and video Let’s Play on You Tube.

About the workshop:
The Dance of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine Gender Reconciliation Healing Workshop

At its heart, this workshop has the philosophy that ordinary women and men possess the caring and capability to share in deeper and more meaningful ways. However, there are real and increasing problems facing our relationship worlds. Not far beneath the surface, there often lies a core belief of misunderstanding and mistrust between the masculine and feminine. It begins with what we were taught as children and is now manifesting in the attitudes and behaviors of our families, our communities, our leaders, and our nations. Shawn with his co facilitator’s foster in new models of cooperation and leadership between and within the genders so that we may thrive in balance within ourselves and within our communities. This workshop was developed to go beyond past relationship patterns by honoring the strengths and natural wisdom that each gender has to offer and then building bridges together that create healing and honors the Sacred Marriage within. The old relationship myths and projections we attempt to live by are brought out into the open and challenged so that we may move together in a new direction that inspires equality and the sharing of power for the highest good of all.

Shawn currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee USA and continues to tour and share his passion for healing through the arts and conscious music all over the world. You can find his music and art online at website

Music by:

Laurell Eden
Musical Artist sharing her heart opening and exhilarating music throughout the event.

  • Critically acclaimed recording artist, songwriter and spiritual teacher. This American born artist earned a gold record, a #1 single and top-ten singles in Canada and Europe and her songs have charted in three continents
  • Billboard Magazine called her, "An ethereal poet with a talent for writing contagious hooks"

Laurell believes that Music is the language of the soul, communicating love beyond words.  Songs created with a purity of heart can lift and transform us in a profound way and feels deeply privileged to share her music and connect with you.  website

Children and Family Rates:

Discounted Rates Available as follows:
Children’s Rates: Age 5 and under: Free
Ages 6-12: $75.00
Age 12 and older: Regular rate for the event (see above)

Family Rates:
At the hotel, Kids 17 and under stay free with an adult.
For the Conference registration families of three or more will receive a $50.00 per adult person discount. There are no family discounts on child rates. A ‘Family’ is defined as a couple with minor children, or a single parent with minor children, all attending the event. To get the family discount for 3 or more Joe Crane at (830) 751-2870

Vendor Booths
Vendor Booths available upon request $150.00 / 8' table
Contact Joe Crane 830-751-2870 or email Joe


  Conference 2017  

 Archangel Michael


From the Testimonials page:

From Regina after attending The Fountain of Life Class in Denver:

"I was privileged enough to attend the Fountain of Life class on Sunday in Colorado. If you have the opportunity to attend one please go.

It is worth far more than the $144 for the class.

Just imagine if you were given the chance to re-negotiate your life contract, to be released from the karma that you think no longer serves you? Or to include something you would like to experience. Maybe you are happy with your current life and would not change a thing. You will be given the opportunity to do both, the choice is up to you. When Joe performed the new blessing on me, it was a new experience for me.

If you are attending the class, hold onto your hat (if you wear one). And if you are on the fence and considering it, attend, it is an amazing experience."



"Today I and several others attended the Fountain of Life class in Austin. If you are anywhere near one, ATTEND!!!! If you are not near one, maybe you can get enough people there to get Joe to come. It will be life changing. I cannot believe what a wonderful, positive feeling and newness there is from such a short amount of time. I'm being a bit vague as everyone will have their own experience, but I believe we all had a feeling of... something like softness / peacefulness / mellowness..."


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