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Only these facilitators and Joe Crane can teach you how to receive the Wholeness Blessing and in turn, you can then pass it on to others, enabling them to pass the blessing forward to another.  Feel free to contact them and set up a Wholeness Blessing Event near you.
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Facilitators  March 24, 2013, Castle Rock, Colorado                    click to enlarge


Facilitators  November 4, 2012, Castle Rock, Colorado                    click to enlarge


Facilitators  November 4, 2012, Kansas City, Kansas                    click to enlarge

     Facilitators  November 17, 2013, Castle Rock, Colorado                    click to enlarge

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Rita Alexander   Meridian, ID   Dianna Nelson   Miami, FL
Angelique   Sedona, AZ area Linda Toupin   Ogden, UT
Renee Babkiewich   Denver, CO Kelly Palmer   Eugene, OR
Jenny Bell   Spartanburg, SC Marcy Reel   Santaquin, Utah
Richard Caldwell   Wichita, KS Diana Rose   Orange Cty, CA

Donna Cercone

  Aurora, CO Paula Ruffy   Salt Lake, UT

Dorothy Chan

  Singapore Geordan Rupp   Portland, OR

Shelby Sharie Cohen

  Oakland, CO Dave Savedra   San Jose, CA
Oonagh Cummings   Derry, N. Ireland Janice Shelton   Lac la Biche, Alberta Canada
Lauren Eden   New York City Carol Schmidt   Frisco, CO
Ken Elliott   Denver, CO Jeannie Snider   Cottonwood, AZ
Michelle Emerson   Washington, DC Brenda Teagarden   Roswell, GA
Zan Hyer   Glendale, AZ Linda Toupin   Ogden, UT
Caroline Kroening   Northern CA Rick Welton   Phoenix, AZ
Stephanie S. Larsen   Rochelle, IL Ole White Shield   Tooele, UT

Arthur Lim

  Singapore Cheryl Wolff   Milwaukee, WI metro
Cheri Maney   Denver, CO Wonder Bob   Crestone, CO
Jack McConnnell   Ebensburg, PA Gary & Gloria
  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Donald Mikovitz   Western GA Kenneth Zhang   San Francisco
LeePhether Mikovitz   Western GA      

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Rita Alexander 
1269 W Kimra St
Meridian, ID 83642
208-922-6336 209-353-3124

I have been on my spiritual path for 37 years. I am a Reconnection Facilitator and a Reiki Level 1 Master. I clear (smudge) space. I am a certified massage therapist and a Wholeness Blessing Facilitator. I work with my guardian angel and other angels that may be called upon from time to time.

Sedona, AZ area

Certified Practitioner of Holodynamics, phone sessions.

Holodynamics is the state of the whole dynamics of life including tools to transform your life, positively affect your relationships, work, your love life and in a larger sense, the global environment.

Transformation begins with an awareness and understanding that evolves into an automatic process resulting in a more conscious, fulfilled state of being because a joyful and healthy life is our natural state.


Renee Babkiewich
Denver, CO
(303) 903-0761

Everything is for us… Renee has been described as a gifted, clear and unwavering Balanced Life Mastery teacher, healer and mentor to the teachers, healers and mentors within all of us. Renee lives her life On Purpose.




Virginia (Jenny) Bell 
Spartanburg, SC

I am the sum of all my parts. A nursing professional with 30 years experience in healthcare organizations including critical care, VP Organizational Excellence, and Chief Nurse Executive. 10 years work in Healthcare IT co-creating patient safety tools used widely throughout the United States.

I have also struggled to feel adequate as a human. Choices have consequences, and I felt a permanence to my errors that kept me separate and apart from those who had chosen more wisely. Nothing made me feel good enough. The journey for restoration has brought me to a place to enable others to be who they know they can be.

Wholeness is a blessing and a birthright. Find what you have been looking for. What if the time for you is now?




Richard Caldwell 
Wichita, KS

I am retired from 38 years as a classroom teacher and school administrator from pre-school to and including college. I was raised and spent most of my life in a strong Christian spiritual atmosphere but have studied new ideas concerning my relationship to a loving God. As part of my journey in the “Second Stage of Youth”, I have attained training and certification as an aroma-therapist, a Rain Drop Message Therapy trainer, an educator for best alternative health practices, and as a facilitator of the Wholeness Blessing. I have observed individuals who have lost touch and are frustrated with their own empowerment in decisions concerning their journey toward their emotional, physical, social, and spiritual well-being. It is through presenting an active understanding of the Wholeness Blessing, as inspired by Michael the Archangel, and as well as my own journey, that I can aid individuals to reach their goals of well-being.


Donna Cercone
Aurora, CO

Does a Year's worth of piano lessons in one weekend. She works with color, learning, holograms and the Sacred Flames.



Dorothy Chan

Dorothy is qualified in: Shiatsu Massage, Swedish Massage, Thai Medical Massage, Pre & post Natal Massage, Advanced Counseling Skills, Past Life Deprogramming & Reprocessing, Reiki, Tong Ren Healing, and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy



Shelby Sharie Cohen
Shelby Sharie Sound Healing
Oakland, CA
On facebook

Began work with Joe Crane in 1994 and added healing with angels, (actually they started working with me) tuning forks, and oils in 1997. Benefits include creating new intentions, focusing on goals and dissolving blocks to create a fulfilling life.

"… I have never been touched by God until now!"


Oonagh Cummings 
The Gatelodge
91 Strand Rd
Derry, Northern Ireland BT487NW

I am co-owner of The Gatelodge, an Holistic Healing centre in the Outskirts of Derry City. I am currently hosting a Violet Flame Group and a Healing Codes Group at the Gatelodge and I will commence my Fountain of Life Class in September of 2013.

Laurell Eden 
New York, NY

Laurell Eden is a teacher of spiritual and self development, Reiki Master Healer and Certified Wholeness Blessing Giver. Teaching for over twenty-five years, Laurell has been featured on television and radio and as guest lecturer at Hofstra University in New York. Naturally intuitive and caring in her approach, Laurell assists in the healing and wholeness of people and animals. She guides people to recognize their innate beauty and perfection and to improve their life circumstances. She hosts a show on Awakening Together Radio, Thursdays at 1pm Eastern Time, discussing, "A Course a Miracles". Laurell is also a conscious recording artist and writer of songs that have charted in 3 continents. She resides in New York City, is available for telephone guidance sessions and will happily travel to teach group classes. 

Ken Elliott 
Denver, CO

Ken is an author / lecturer and an acclaimed landscape artist. His book Manifesting 1,2,3 (and you don't need #3) is the go-to manual on creating the life you desire. His artworks are represented in numerous galleries, personal and corporate collections across the country.

He is honored with the friendships of a number of prominent figures in the metaphysical field and has broad personal experience across a broad spectra of phenomena including manifesting.


Michelle Emerson, OTR, CHT, MT 
Washington, DC metro


Michelle is a licensed Occupational Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist and Usui Reiki Master. She has lived and worked in several states and now resides in the Washington, DC area.  

Zan Hyer 
7613 N 44th Dr
Glendale AZ 85301

Wholeness Blessing Facilitator, Reiki Master, Level 3 TAOMM Qigong Master Instructor, and Qigong Meridian Massage

Caroline Kroening 
Northern CA

B.S.Edu. University of Minnesota

Qualifications include but not limited to the following: Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, Qigong Master Level 1 - TAOMM Qigong, Shaman Extractions and Death Rites, Crystal Gridding, Stem Cell Therapy practitioner, Angelic Healing, Group Exercise Instructor – In Shape Health Clubs

I believe that the mind, body and spirit, when working properly, all function in a synchronistic capacity - enabling the individual to reach their full potential. Willing to travel and teach the Wholeness Blessing.


Stephanie S. Larsen  
Rockford, IL

(779) 771-0888

Stephanie can help you identify your spiritual gift, as discussed by Michael with Joe in his angel visits, in a free consultation--just visit her website to learn more. She provides Angelic soul-ray color counseling to create awareness of how you can use your gifts to build a harmonious relationship with yourself and others, and to clear energy blocks to smooth your path. She contributes her professional teaching experience to facilitate both one-on-one healing sessions and workshops in which up to 10 people attend for three days at a time. These workshops exclusively focus on the teachings of the angels received by Joe. Among other things, Stephanie teaches the Introduction to the Divine Feminine/Shekinah Class, which you can attend in person, or remotely. Please contact her for more information.


Arthur Lim 

Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Healer, Tong Ren Healer, Isis Healing Practitioner,  Munay Ki Practitioner



Cheri Maney 
Denver, CO
(512) 789-8278

Cheri has been studying spiritual and energetic practices for over thirty years. She most resonates with healing that is heart-centered and currently works with Healing Touch, Tuning Forks, Essential Oils, Herbs. and Nutrition. She has been a student of Joseph Crane since 2000 and has been an avid participant in the spiritual retreats offered by him. She also is a professional nurse practitioner. Cheri facilitates the acknowledgement of a deep soul connection of the heart, expressed through caring and nurturing via her beautiful vibration and gentle touch. She embodies the sweetest grandmother that has come to contribute and care for you. What is else possible?

Jack McConnell
Edensburg, PA

I started on my spiritual path in 1990. I became a facilitator to enhance my journey and help others to do the same.

Donald Mikovitz  Rev., A.S., RPFT  
Western GA

Don aka “Nion” is a retired Air Force Medic and EMT. He has translated his healing ability toward holistic health via vibrational alchemy, Reiki, and other non-traditional methods. Ordained as clergy (CST), he offers ceremonies for couples, baptisms, life transitions/passing, as well as spiritual guidance. He is council member, pipe carrier, and water pourer of The Sweet Potato Clan of The Free Cherokee. He is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner (ACP) and a certified Wholeness Blessing Facilitator. Don resides in West Georgia and works throughout the Southeast. Don holds the vibration of unconditional love. He acknowledges the divinity in everyone/thing through grace and beautiful devotion.


Reverend LeePhether Mikovitz CRMT   
Western GA

LeePhether is a vibrational alchemist who facilitates Reiki sessions/attunements based on Usui, Lightarian, and other non-traditional methods. Ordained as clergy (CST & ULC), she offers handfastings/weddings, baptisms, requiems (passing on rites), as well as spiritual guidance. She is the Chief of The Sweet Potato Clan of The Free Cherokees and a pipe carrier. As a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner (ACP) and a certified Wholeness Blessing Facilitator she is an excellent listener . LeePhether resides in West Georgia and can work in the Southeast USA. Helping people reconnect to their true self for self-healing brings her the greatest joy. How much joy can you receive?

Dianna Nelson   
Miami, FL
(305) 975-0925

Kelly Palmer     
Eugene, OR
(541) 255-5965



Ann Paulson 
Midwest Wisconsin

I have been in Joe Crane's angel group since 2001 and believe the healing of the world begins one person at a time and the wholeness blessing is a very good start. I would be happy to travel to your area to present a wholeness blessing class.


Marcy Reel 
Santaquin, Utah

I started on my spiritual journey in 1993 when my life fell apart and force me to search for my truth. This path brought me through many challenges and opened many doors.

I am a Reiki Master Level 3, Theta Healer , Project Manager and Trainer

Diana Rose   
Orange Co., CA

Diana has been communicating with the spiritual realm since childhood. She loves partnering with the angels and beings of light to assist in healing and empowering people on their spiritual path. Diana offers life coaching, angel therapy, mediumship readings, and personalized healing sessions for her clients. She incorporates the use of tuning forks, sacred oils, and gemstones with various healing modalities while holding sacred space for her clients. Diana is currently based in Southern California (Orange County), but is open to teaching Fountain of Life classes in other areas as needed. Please contact her for assistance on your beautiful journey.

Paula Ruffy 
Salt Lake, UT
(801) 201-5802


Geordan Rupp 
Portland, OR  97206

Aside from being a certified Wholeness Blessing giver and facilitator, I offer volcanic archangel scalar pendants, aura photography and tuning fork sessions at healing and musical events. Visit my website to reference my events page.

Dave Savedra   
San Jose, CA
(408) 504-8255

Dave is the founder and creator of Angelic Gate a company and web resource for all things Angelic. He has developed a Laminar Crystal system that restructures water, balances a person’s core vibration, and shifts them into health. As a sound therapy expert, Dave provides high vibrational tuning forks and healing products. Working with Joe Crane since 1996, he has provided archival support and facilitated Angelic teachings. Dave is available to facilitate classes, personal sessions, and beautiful insight to the Angelic realm. What can you receive?

Carol Schmidt  C.A.C. 
Frisco, CO

Carol is a hospitality sales professional who makes her home in the Colorado mountains. A graduate of the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in communications, Carol has a passion for nature, the outdoor lifestyle and the healing gifts from God. Carol is a certified aromatherapy coach and guide on healthy options to living free of chemicals and synthetics. She believes in whole food nutrition and the power of thought to transform physical, emotional mental and spiritual health. She is looking forward to sharing the Divine gift of the Wholeness Blessing with you.

Janice Shelton
ac la Biche, Alberta CA


Jeannie Snider 
Cottonwood, AZ

Gathered in 2000, a sculptor, Reiki Master, Master Teacher, Oneness Blessing giver and Certified Wholeness Blessing Facilitator.


Brenda Teagarden 
Roswell, GA


For over 30 years, Brenda has acquired a vast knowledge in the healing and self-empowerment modalities. Throughout this time she has been a teacher, healer and coach.

She earned her Bachelor's degree from UCLA in Psychology with a business minor, magna cum laude. She is a Wholeness Blessing facilitator, teacher of the Fountain of Life Class, Oneness Blessing giver, Reiki Master, licensed Avatar Master, and other related skills (see her website.)

If you will host, I'll travel for groups of 15 or more. Please contact me for further details.



Ole White Shield
Tooele, UT

White Shield has a Blackfoot and Shoshone background. He was inspired by his first flute purchased in 1992 at a Powwow at Jackson Hole. Disappointed in the performance of the flute, he began studying the anatomy of the flute. Later he was introduced to Dr. Bill Hughes of Salt Lake City, Utah. Studying under Dr. Hughes he increased the technology of his flute making and playing. He is coming closer using his talents and energy to their fullest. He now resides in the western desert of Utah, taking time every day to live and enjoy.

White Shield flutes have helped assist people in healing and mediations. They have calmed the incarcerated, and directed the lost. They have helped people through the loss of love ones, and directed them through hardship of divorces.



Linda Toupin 
Ogden, UT

Linda is a spiritual mentor who has been connected to the Angelic realm her whole life. She has a passion for healing and spiritual growth; working with both people and animals. Linda provides sound healing and is excited to offer the wholeness Blessing to enhance the lives of everyone.


Rick Welton  
2323 w Dunlap Ave #141
Phoenix AZ 85021

Since 1999 I have been a practitioner of Sacred Sound Healing. I work with and teach classes on the Angelic Gateway and the Angelic Merkabah. I use tuning forks and sacred oils for healing and I am also a Wholeness Blessing Facilitator.

Cheryl Wolff   
Milwaukee, WI metro
(262) 366-0702

Cheryl has experienced a life of compassion as a registered nurse for over 30 years. She has dedicated her life to service for others. Using tools from Reiki, Advanced Energy Medicine, Hospice Life Transition, Life Coaching, and Awareness in Nature, Cheryl facilitates healing of the body, balancing of energy, and soothing the soul. Her tools include Crystals, Tuning Forks, Light Therapy, and Animal Communication. Cheryl’s philosophy is to “Serve God and Serve all Humanity.” How may she facilitate your expansion? What else is possible?

Wonder Bob   
Crestone, CO
(719) 937-3052

Wonder Bob has been in the Personal Development business for most of his life, serving as a Motivational Speaker, Author, Awareness Facilitator, and Global Peace Leader. As a Hypnotherapist and Shamanic practitioner, he has developed a process to clear Past Life Trauma, expand Consciousness, and activate the Energy of anyone’s Vibrational Field. He offers Classes, Awareness Training, Sacred Concerts, Peace Dances, and Spiritual Retreats. Wonder Bob has facilitated Sacred Circles with Angelic Gates across the planet at nuclear and disrupted areas to heal it’s Etheric Grid. He lives sustainably off-grid in Crestone, Colorado, the Tibet of North America. How can it get any better?

Gary and Gloria Yackimec   

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
(780) 623-2129

Gloria and Gary have combined their talents to offer the Wholeness Blessing as a team. Their foundation of love and 35-year marriage holds a space of beautiful nurturing in their offering of the blessing/training. Gloria’s professional background in nursing and Gary’s loving support have led them through a discovery of whole body and consciousness healing. Committed to personal mastery, they offer their high-vibrational intuitive gifts to those who wish to receive. Would you be willing to receive the transmission of their loving partnership through this wonderful training?


Kenneth Zhang   
San Francisco, CA
(415) 823-5598

In 2000 Kenneth received a direct message from the Angelic Realm to live a spiritual life full on. He has been guided to teach this spiritual knowledge and help heal others to reduce the suffering of the world. Drawing from his extensive training in Information Technology, Kenneth translates his ability to understand challenging concepts to create ease and grace in learning. As a spiritual teacher/healer, he awakens people, releases suffering so they may create better lives. He helps people discover who they are, their relationship with the divine, and how healing can occur. Kenneth is a practitioner of Usui and Ascension Reiki. He is located in San Francisco and can easily travel to host Fountain of Life classes.


Archangel Michael


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