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Novus Invicta December 22
Here are the instructions and supply list for performing this process in your home.

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Note: A recommendation is given in Joe's July 18, 2013 Angelic visit to sing the Seven Names of God and to use the Seven Names of God oils and tuning forks. View how to sing the names on YouTube  Instructions for using the Seven Names of God oils and forks. Tuning Fork video Oils video. To purchase the Seven Names of God: oils only   tuning forks and forks and oils as a set  print out this visit as a pdf file

Hockey Puck

Omega Tuning Fork

7 Names of God Set of 7 Forks and oils

OM Tuning Fork

Standard Chakra Set
Set of 7 Forks

Deluxe 11 chakra balancing set

Meridian point 8,9,10 Forks
  Weighted Genesis Fork

Joe's Travelling Healing Kit

Joe's Deluxe Healing Kit

Psychic Tuning Forks Set

Astral Mental Fork

O3 Ozone Fork

Energy Tuning Fork

  Circulation Fork

50hz Nerve Fork

Archangel of the Tree of Life & Sacred Solfeggio Tuning Forks

Archangel Forks

Sefirot Forks

Archangel Set, Set of 11

Da'ath Fork

Fat Burner Fork


Hockey Puck
Use this to safely strike your tuning forks with.


Omega Tuning Fork
This is the frequency that all frequencies come from It was the frequency of the vessel. In the beginning there was nothing but a void also known as the vessel> This was the Divine Feminine or the womb. When the divine masculine known as the Light became one with the Divine Feminine, Creation took place.

Every frequency came into being because the Omega frequency allowed it to happen. It is what could be called the perfect frequency. This set in to motion all the sounds that are present in nature from the sound of the cricket to the voice of the whale. You will find the Omega tuning fork blends with any tuning fork without distortion.


7 Names of God
Set of 7 Forks

(all weighted forks) and

7 Names of God
Set of 7 Oils, 2 ml

$475. Both sets of 7

save $190 on this combined set
more oils instructions for use

7 Names of God
Set of 7 Forks

(all weighted forks)

$325. set of 7

save well over $100. as a set

7 Names of God
Set of 7 Oils
, 2 ml

$175. set of 7

save $35 as a set

more oils

7 Names of God, One each: one  individual Fork and one Oil, 2ml.

Select individual Tuning Fork and Oil by the same color
$100. for the pair


Please call Joe directly to place individual fork orders: 830-751-2870



7 Names of God, Individual Forks

Select individual Tuning Forks
$80. each

Please call Joe directly to place individual fork orders: 830-751-2870


OM Tuning Fork

$85. each

I am going to share with you something that you should know. There is another frequency that goes with the Names of God tuning fork set. It's not like you have to have this tuning fork, but it is very powerful addition you your set.

The sound of OM has been used to tune all the musical interments in the temples in India for thousands of years. The frequency is used in our sacred music and for meditation. It is also known as a powerful mantra to quiet the mind. The one thing many donít know is that the OM carries within its frequency one of the names of God. OM or AUM since ancient times means I AM. There are many frequencies used to produce the OM sound through the world and they all sound very much alike. You will find the OM frequencies in many octaves from music to tuning forks. However there is only one true OM frequency. Michael gave me this OM frequency as the correct vibration of I AM. I now have some OM tuning forks for those that would like one.

Standard Chakra Set
Set of 7 Forks

Tuned to the vibrations of the chakras. The handles are color coded to make them easier to use in chakra alignments and acu-tuning. Each set comes with instructions on balancing the 12 chakras and a velvet pouch for their easy storage and carrying.
$175. set of 7

Standard Chakra Set
one of the 7 Forks

Select individual Tuning Forks by color
$70. each


Deluxe 11 Chakra Balancing Set

This set is a little different than the Standard Chakra set in as much as it has 11 tuning forks.
The deluxe contains the 7 standard forks and the Michael, Metatron, Shekinah and the Sandalphon fork. I use these to balance the Alpha chakra with the Metatron fork and the Shekinah fork for the Omega chakra. The Sandalphon fork is used on the terra of earth chakra and lastly the Michael fork for the Angelic chakra. I personally like using these 4 angelic forks rather than having to use two of the standard tuning forks on these last 4 chakras. We at Children of Light are offering this double set as one for $350.

Meridian point 8,9,10 Forks

These tuning forks are used for the meridian points 8,9,and 10 when doing acutuning process.

Weighted Genesis Fork

This fork is combined with the others to cause things to happen or to create things. It can be used alone or with the Gabriel fork to repair damaged portions of DNA. It can also be used alone or with the Shekinah fork to destroy cancer cells. It also will move bones and joints back into place when they are out of alignment. It will also repair and rebuild muscles and tissue.
These are just a few of the amazing things  we are discovering about this frequency the possibilities are endless. $70.


Joe's Traveling Healing Kit

  When I am on the road I just canít take all my healing tools with me. So I put together the best and most compact set of healing tools I can. I have found that the Genesis and Michaelís tuning fork gave me the widest range in healing tools. When used with the Michaelís Oil, I can relieve pain, strains and joint problems. To me these are the best combination of forks and oil I can travel with.  

Joe's Traveling Healing Kit combinations:

Set of the 2 forks and 2ml oil $135

Joe's Deluxe Traveling Healing Kit

In addition to Joe's travel kit above, this deluxe set adds the OM tuning fork to the set above.  The additional OM fork opens the vibrations for healing and seals them when you are done.  Contains the Genesis, Michael, and Ohm forks with a 5 ml bottle of Michael's oil.

Psychic Tuning Forks Set

This set of 5 weighted forks is used to assist us while in meditation to tune and use our own dormant psychic abilities. The five forks are the Kundalini frequency, the Third Eye frequency, the PSI frequency, the Total knowing frequency, and the Changing Matter frequency. $300.

Astral Mental Fork

This frequency is of the conscious thoughts. This frequency assists in improving your communication skills and also mentally projecting your thoughts to others.

O3 Ozone Fork

O3 is the symbol for ozone, which means it has three molecules of oxygen. Many of us have experienced the smell in the air after a thunderstorm. This comes about because lightning striking will produce ozone, which is what gives everything that clean smell. Not only does it make the air smell good; it also kills viruses and bacteria.

This is how ozone works. Ozone has three molecules of oxygen, which make it unstable as an element and in order for it to become stable by having only two molecules of oxygen it needs to throw one off. When there is a virus or bacteria present the extra oxygen molecule is attracted to it. When the molecule attaches to the virus or bacteria it explodes or dies. Ozone is being studied in the field of AIDS and cancer. The findings are when a someone is subjected to ozone the abnormal cells are prohibited from reproducing. When the cell can no longer able to reproduce, the personís own immune system can attack the abnormal cell and destroy it. In Acupuncture, the practitioners are now injecting ozone in order to fight infections and cancer and AIDS.

The 03-zone fork runs a little over 78 Hz, which is a frequency well above the range to produce ozone in the body. This will enhance the production of ozone in the body at a local area.
plus shipping and handling.


Energy Tuning Fork

Find increased energy level Longevity to energy level Increased relaxation As we all know Nitrous Oxide is a gas used to sedate people before and during surgery. What most people donít know is that we carry this same gas in our bodies. The nitrous oxide in our bodies isnít as concentrated as what is used in the medical field but it is still there. By using the Energy fork we release small amounts of nitrous oxide into our blood stream, which in turn relaxes us. As the nitrogen breaks down the oxygen fills the tissue giving us extra energy when we need it.

Energy Fork Testimonial:
"I've been using Joe's new "Energy" tuning fork regularly for about a week now. My reaction? Ahhhhh ... feels like everything in my spine is properly aligned and I can feel the energy moving unencumbered. More energy, yes. More lasting energy? Yes, by all means. I can say that this is an excellent investment." M.B., Texas

Using the Energy fork just before bedtime helps to relax you so you can sleep more soundly and get the rest you need.

For sleep - tap the two weighted ends of the fork on the heel of your hand to start it vibrating. Next hold the tuning fork by the stem/handle and place the tip of the handle on your tailbone. Lastly, place the stem of the fork on the base of the skull. Sweet Dreams.

The Energy fork is a wonderful tool for massage therapists in relaxing their clients during the massage and then giving the client a boost of extra energy in about 20 minutes after the massage. To do this process you will need to work the vibration up the spine. Start off by vibrating the tuning fork and place it on Sacral 2 (or tailbone) until it stops vibrating. Next repeat the process, moving up to Lumbar 2 (middle of the lower back) until the fork stops vibrating again. Now start the forking vibrating again and move up to Thoracic 10 (middle of the back) until it stops vibrating and repeat on Thoracic 4 (middle of the back at shoulder blades) until the fork stops vibrating. Start the fork vibrating again and place it on Cervical 5 (middle of the neck). Lastly start the fork vibrating one more time and place it on the back of the skull just above the spine. When you have finished the tuning for energy go on with the massage. About 20 minutes after the massage the client will be filled with energy.

For just a boost of energy during the day start the tuning fork vibrating and place it on the base of the skull until it stops. Repeat this process 3 times and again in 20 minutes; you will have excess energy to spare.


Circulation Fork

Relieve stiffness and pain Increased oxygen flow to joints Increase blood circulation to your body The frequency of the Circulation fork is used to stimulate the flow of blood to areas of the body. Arthritis is a prime example of poor circulation in the joints. Once the flow of blood is returned to the damaged areas it will start to heal its self. The Circulation  forks frequency works on Diabetes and other diseases, as well.

To use the Circulation fork simply start it vibrating by tapping it on the heel of the hand. Once it is vibrating place the tip of the

stem/handle on the joint or area where there is stiffness or pain. Allow the tuning fork tip to remain on the area until it stops vibrating and then repeat the process three to four more times. Massaging or vigorously rubbing the area helps to spread the frequency vibration especially applying Michaelís oil when massaging the area.

With diabetes, a person would want to cover as much area as possible. The process is the same for vibrating the fork and placement. However, you will need to work in areas about 10 inches apart. Pick an area where you want to stimulate blood flow and place the stem tip on there. Let the fork vibrate until it stops. Do this 3 to 4 times before moving on to another area. You may then massage the area you just worked on or massage all of the areas when you have finished with the fork. You may do this process several times during the day for faster results but it is not necessary. Once a week will help in restoring the flow of blood to the areas but it will take longer to have the desired results.

This frequency has also been found to reduce cholesterol. Simply start the fork vibrating and place over the area of the liver.


50hz Nerve Fork

A nerve fires at a frequency of 50 HZ carrying a message from the brain or to the brain. When some trauma to the body occurs, the nerve tells the brain something is out. The brain reacts to this process by correcting it. If the damage is too great for the brain to repair easily, it starts sending endorphins to ease the pain. If the damage is to the nerve, the frequency for information is hindered in the flow to the brain.  This tuning fork can be used to relive pain from pulled or strained muscles. It is also excellent fork for removing those knots that develop in the muscles. It will help in releasing the tightness of cramps so that the muscle will relax and the
brain will send the endorphins to help with the pain. Place the end of the stem on the area where there is pain. You may also place the side of the stem in the same area. On the weighted end of the tuning fork pinch the two ends together and slide your fingers off quickly. Hitting the end of the fork on a hard rubber object is not needed to cause the maximum amount of vibration.

Archangel Forks, Set of 4

They are used for the 4 outer chakras in the place of using 2 forks from the Chakra Set and with the Solfeggio set above.
  more info about each fork

Set: Michael, Sandalphon, Metatron, and Shekinah. Included are instructions for use and a velvet pouch for their easy storage and carrying.
Set of 4 forks: $175.


Individual Archangel Forks  more information

The forks in this set can also be purchased individually. Included with each fork is a velvet bag with drawstring.
Individual forks:  $55.





The forks in this set can also be purchased individually $55. each

Please call Joe directly to place individual fork orders: 830-751-2870

Sefirot Forks, set of 11

Included with each fork is a
velvet bag with drawstring.
more info about each fork

Each Sefirot has a frequency with a numerical value that equals three, six or nine

11 fork set includes: Kether, Chokhmah, Binah, Chesed, Gevurah, Tepherth, Netzach, Hod, Vesod, Malkhu, Daath.  more info about each fork



The forks in this set can also be purchased individually $55. each

Archangel Set, Set of 11 
more information

This awesome set includes the Sacred Solfeggio scale. They are used in conjunction with the chakra forks in healing. This set includes 11 forks, each imprinted with the angels names and color coded for easy identification. more info about each fork.

Each fork has a different use in healing from correcting DNA to rejuvenating cells. Included are instructions for use and a velvet pouch for their easy storage and carrying. (Click the picture to read more information on Tree of Life forks.)

Da'ath Fork    photo to follow


Fat Burner Fork

The Fat Burner fork holds a frequency that helps to break down fat cells. It is simple to use. Just place the stem of the fork on the area one whishes to work on. After the vibration is released into the tissue, apply a short message to the area for about 2 minutes. Repeat this two to three times a day.

  Tuning Forks  

Archangel Michael


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