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About the Fountain of Life Workshop

In order to spread the Wholeness Blessing around the planet, Joe Crane trained and certified Masters to facilitate the Fountain of Life Class.

  Learn to balance and align the twelve chakras.

●  Learn a centering process developed for the Western mind.

●  Learn to use the Seven Sacred names of God to create a richer, fuller life. Release past-life karma and soul contracts that do not serve you.

●  Tuning the pineal and pituitary glands to open you to higher spiritual concepts.

●  You will receive the Wholeness Blessing so you become whole in Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit.

At the end of the course you will be taught the ability to pass the Wholeness Blessing as given to us by the Angelic realm.


Schedule Joe Crane or one of his facilitators to teach the Fountain of Life Class and Wholeness Blessing in your area.

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  Fountain of Life  

Archangel Michael

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Today I and several others attended the Fountain of Life class in Austin. If you are anywhere near one, ATTEND!!!! If you are not near one, maybe you can get enough people there to get Joe to come. It will be life changing. I cannot believe what a wonderful, positive feeling and newness there is from such a short amount of time. I'm being a bit vague as everyone will have their own experience, but I believe we all had a feeling of... something like softness /  peacefulness / mellowness..."


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