An Angelic Guide to the Universe

  Fountain of Life Class
Return to Wholeness

At the completion of the course you will be taught the ability to pass the Wholeness Blessing as given to us by the Angelic realm.

Class Fee $150

Dress comfortably for the class.
Lunch will be pot luck or we will order it in.

Learn to balance and align the twelve chakras.

● Learn a centering process developed for the Western mind.

● Learn to use the Seven Sacred names of God to create a richer, fuller life. Release past-life karma and soul contracts that do not serve you.

● Tuning the pineal and pituitary glands to open you to higher spiritual concepts.

● You will receive the Wholeness Blessing so you become whole in Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit.

The Fountain of Life Class is a marvelous opportunity given to us by the angels. Depending where we are in our spiritual journey, we will be given the opportunity to remove suffering in our lives by raising our vibrations and embracing the Wholeness Blessing, which will make possible age-reversal, restoration of wellness and move you into Ascension Consciousness. We clam this by remember a deep place of self-realization that will free us to receive the abundance of life its self.

Receiving the Wholeness Blessing will allow your body to get a head start at moving into rejuvenation and wellness. The final stage of the process will involve your learning how to pass this blessing onto others. This is a wondrous gift from the angles that you can pass onto the world.

If you would like to host a class in your area give me a call I will give you the information on how we can make it happen. Call Joe Crane at 830 751 2270. More information on the Workshops page.

  Fountain of Life Class  

Archangel Michael


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