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Sefirot Forks, available as a set of 11 or individual forks.

Included with each fork or fork set is a velvet bag with drawstring.
more info about each fork below:

plus shipping for the set and $45.00 each.
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Each Sefirot has a frequency with a numerical value that equals three, six or nine the same as the Archangel set. Included are instructions for use and a velvet pouch for their easy storage and carrying.

The 11 fork set includes: Kether, Chokhmah, Binah, Chesed, Gevurah, Tepherth, Netzach, Hod, Vesod, Malkhu, and Daath.
This sphere is known as the CROWN being the Will of God or the Spirit of God.  You should be cautioned that although each Sefirot is a path to God it is not the same as God. The Metatron stands at this Sefirot.

This sphere is known as WISDOM that comes from both the male and female in the way of inspiration or revelation through the metaphysical. Arch-Angel Ratziel stands at this Sphere.

This sphere holds the UNDERSTANDING to comprehend the Divine pattern, which is the mother or creation of faith.  This vibration will get your mind right so to speak.  This sphere is known as UNDERSTANDING. Arch-Angel Tzaphqiel stands at this Sphere.

This sphere holds MERCY.  Not in the way we think of mercy like forgiving someone or letting them off the hook.  It is different in as much as it is more of human love and Divine love taking action as kindness or for that matter charity with others. Arch-Angel Tzadqiel stands at this Sphere.

This sphere is known as JUDGMENT and yet it is meant as power and intelligence are in balance.  Unrestrained power begets evil and this is why judgment is used to bring about Just use of power. Arch- Angel Khamael stands at this Sphere.

This sphere is that of BEAUTY which connects the mental self with the spiritual self.  It is the one sphere that truly is the heart and soul of the entire tree.  It is the balance of the energy flow from the Divine Spirit down and the upward flow of human spiritual aspirations. Arch-Angel Michael stands at this Sphere.

This sphere is that of ETERNITY being the expansiveness of compassion and love, which in turn illuminates transcendental powers of the mind’s eye. Arch-Angel Haniel stands at this Sphere.

This sphere is known as GLORY which holds majesty or reverberation.  It is the perfect and absolute intelligence or consciousness. Arch-Angel Raphael stands at this Sphere.

This sphere is known as the FOUNDATION.  It is where the unconscious mind receives information from the spiritual and is the driving force of our human desire for expression. Arch-Angel Gabriel stands at this sphere.

This sphere is known as the KINGDOM which is the total manifestation of all matter.  It also deals with the earth as it is the center of our existence as well as the physical plane. Arch-Angel Sandalphon stands at this Sphere.

This is the sphere known as KNOWLEDGE which is hidden in the Sefirot and not part of the visible Tree of Life.  It is the gateway to the Tree of Life that is invisible.  It is in this sphere which holds the empty space where creation begins. The Shekinah stands at this Sphere.

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