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Seven Names of God Tuning Forks & Oils:  Explanation
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Each of the seven names of God has its own vibrational frequency. That frequency is found in the flow of Grace. When we speak one of the names of God we are causing that frequency to manifest into our realm. When I
say manifest I am speaking about consciously recognizing something that is so, therefore giving it credence of mass. Simply put, we are allowing the possibility of a space for it to be. Now when we sing the seven names of God we do something quite amazing. As each name is sung, there is a resonance that still lingers after our voice is finished with each word. When we sing the next name, it hooks into the resonance of the first name we just sang and so on and so on. We are calling a finite amount of Grace to manifest into a space. The main drawback in this is that we cannot tune our voices to match the frequencies of each name. That leaves us with only the slightest concept of what is really available in the bigger picture of Grace. It is not only the frequency of the name of God that matters but who is speaking or singing the name.

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Each of the seven churches has a kinship with one of the names of God. This kinship allows them to be able to use the frequency in a harmonic resonance to create the purest form of the Grace in a particular name of God. You can do this by using the tuning fork and most sacred oil that is tuned to the Name of God frequency in accordance with the church you are. Here are the corresponding most sacred tuning forks and oils each church will use.

Sri Rom is used with the church of Laodicea or violet
Elohim is used with the church of Thyatira or purple
Buddha is used with the church of Philadelphia or blue
Yahweh is used with the church of Sardis or green
Ahura Mazda is used with the church of Pergamum or yellow
Allah is used with the church of Ephesus or orange
El Shaddai is used with the church of Smyrna or red

When you use these most sacred oils and tuning forks in combination with singing or saying the name of God; you are bringing into being the frequency that truly allows for that aspect of Grace. You also bring into being the giftedness of your church at the highest vibrations possible. You will be able to live out of your giftedness like never before.

It doesn't matter which church you are or what your most sacred oil and tuning fork is, you will be doing the same process.

Step 1 Say the name of God that is associated to your church.
Step 2 Place a drop of the most sacred oil on your heart and say the name of God again.
Step 3 Ring the tuning fork and place the stem of the fork on your crown and sing the name of God 3 times.

When you have finished the process you will have brought that aspect of God into your heart and soul. You will find it is easier to live in your giftedness and realize when you are in your traps. We all have sums we need to work out. Old patterns that have shown up over and over again in our lives will begin to stand out like a wall. This wall will block us from the happiness we all seek. We will begin to see that we can no longer make excuses for or justify our actions in avoiding them. When this happens, we will be given a chance to choose again. Should we choose what we have always done we will recreate the same results we have always had. Should we choose to handle our sums and work through them we will have opened a path to true happiness. One must realize when you bring in the vibration of an aspect of God's Grace, it is something one should take lightly.

Bless Your Heart,

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