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The Wholeness Blessing
    Testimonials after the Blessing:
by G.W. Hardin

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  An inspiring story is evolving of a little boy born with a hole in his brain. At the heart of the story is an evolving revelation as to how all of us 

may be effected by what is happening to this youngster.

This two-year-old is the son of a longtime friend of mine, who I stopped to visit on the way to a conference where I was to speak. A car crash had injured the boy’s mother while he still grew in her womb. Even though the doctors had thought the “bun in the oven” was OK, it turned out he had suffered a stroke in vitro. The stroke ended up leaving him with a hole in his brain about the size of ping pong ball. However, when I looked at the ultrasound pictures, his tiny head made the black spot look more like the size of a tangerine.

When he reached the age for walking, Dad began to notice that his son’s right side was not developing normally. Like grown-ups who have suffered from strokes, he walked with a limp and carried his arm as if in a perpetual sling.

A Matter of Angels

On February 14 of 2012, eight angels appeared to Joseph Crane, one of the angels being Archangel Michael. Unlike previous appearances, the angels took him to an angelic dimension in which sacred tones (tuning forks) and “the most sacred oils” were handed to him. However, the gifts did not end there. The angels also bestowed on Crane a wonderful blessing. The angels told him his aging 65-year-old body would be “made whole” again, and then showed him how he would eventually look—some twenty years younger. Michael then said to him, “With each passing year you will become more fit in body and mind. You will be able to pass this on to others in time ... through mutual love ... As you grow in years, the better you will become in bringing this gift to others.” The angel further went on to say that those who show up in sacred formation at the Denver Children of Light Conference (June 20-23) will be taught how to teach others how to pass this Wholeness Blessing on to yet others. Each individual will become a spreading source of blessing to our world as it spreads across our globe.

Over the ensuing days, Joe decided he would try to pass this Wholeness Blessing on to someone else as a test. He picked another longtime friend of mine, Jewls, as his guinea pig. She described the Wholeness Blessing as a bathing in light accompanied by heavenly aromas that left her body electrified. Plus, she collapsed to the ground in reverie. At a class in Austin, Texas, Jewls received the Wholeness Blessing once again from Joe, with similar results. But this time Joe decided to see if he could teach Jewls how to pass the blessing on.

A Matter of Wellness

When my longtime buddy heard that Jewls had been taught the Wholeness Blessing, he decided to fly her in to work with his little boy. The three of us have a long history of daring endeavors. So I was not surprised to hear the two of them were going to see what might happen. The little guy slept in his bed as Jewls began the blessing. His right arm and leg began to twitch repeatedly. Dad’s eyes filled with hope. The hope changed to wonder as he saw his little boy’s arm completely straighten out. Could it be possible? Upon wakening, the toddler ran to his father—with no limp, and the arm straightened. The two adults stared at one another, exploding with joy.

As the days roll by, the little guy improves continually. When he sits idly, he will still favor his right arm. But when walking or running, he looks normal. Dad tells me, with the way his son is progressing, he expects the remnants of the stroke to fade completely away. Jewls concurs.

To Do or Not to Do

I take this as a strong indication of what our world can choose to receive from the angels—or not. It’s up to us. We have this glorious opportunity not only to receive this Wholeness Blessing but to spread it out across our world. What could be simpler? What could be more wondrous? What are we waiting for? If you feel so moved, join us for the Children of Light Conference in Denver. Become part of the gift that keeps on giving to our planet.

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In the latest appearance, here’s what Michael said about the June Children of Light Conference:

“Our kind knows it is difficult to speak of that which can only be understood when it is experienced. This is not a perchance conference. This is a monumental vibrational healing and wholeness event that will take place. Have no misgivings of the miracles that will take place. Ask, what would be the wholeness created by you should you have the space to create it in? All things are possible.” For complete details on how the Wholeness Blessing was given by the angels. Read about all the angelic appearances that have occurred this year. For more information as to what else the angels are bringing to our world, you can read my articles about the Avatar-Child ... www.gwhardin.com/child.htm

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Unlike most conferences, you will do more than attend lectures and workshops. There will be direct interaction with the angelic realm. Additionally, this interaction will give you a choice in the role you play in bringing forth Ascension Consciousness to our world. Over a four-day period, ceremonies that you may choose to participate in will empower you to take on the the Child of Light process, which will connect you with your ability to bring an end to suffering in your life and the life of others.


Jim Anderson describes what quickly happened to him after receiving The Wholeness Blessing from Joe Crane.

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From Laurell after attending The Children of Light Conference:

Hi Joe! My hearing improved after the children of like conference. And I’m not the only one! Dave Markowitz said his hearing improved and also someone else he spoke with. Amazing -- and totally unexpected -- how could miracles not come from that work you shared with us! I just posted my new song Pace é, which made it’s debut at the conference. The lyrics in the verses are all words for peace in different languages. Thank you for pointing out the light within us. Love and light always, Laurell



From Regina after attending The Fountain of Life Class in Denver:

"I was privileged enough to attend the Fountain of Life class on Sunday in Colorado. If you have the opportunity to attend one please go.

It is worth far more than the $144 for the class.

Just imagine if you were given the chance to re-negotiate your life contract, to be released from the karma that you think no longer serves you? Or to include something you would like to experience. Maybe you are happy with your current life and would not change a thing. You will be given the opportunity to do both, the choice is up to you. When Joe performed the new blessing on me, it was a new experience for me.

If you are attending the class, hold onto your hat (if you wear one). And if you are on the fence and considering it, attend, it is an amazing experience."


"Today I and several others attended the Fountain of Life class in Austin.

If you are anywhere near one, ATTEND!!!! If you are not near one, maybe you can get enough people there to get Joe to come. It will be life changing. I cannot believe what a wonderful, positive feeling and newness there is from such a short amount of time. I'm being a bit vague as everyone will have their own experience, but I believe we all had a feeling of... something like softness / peacefulness / mellowness..."

From John, the next morning after a session with Joe:

"Getting better, over did it this am because my knee felt wonderful all night. The circulation in my legs is unreal now! Oh, boy, am I blessed!! Thanks a million, Luv u!"


Archangel Michael


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