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A call To Michael

There were things that were happening that I didn't understand and they were happening to people I have been talking to as well. The way it was showing up came in many forms starting with the emotional, as well as the physical world. People found themselves getting angry for no apparent reason or being fearful of an unknown. For the most part I was oblivious to most of this except with the goings on of those around me. I was finding myself drawn into arguments I wouldn't normally get involved in. What really brought it to my attention was when things started to fall through the cracks. There were basic things in just living our lives that were being missed. Paying a bill or making a deposit slipped my mind and Robbie's as well. To find out this was happening to other masters also led me to call Michael in. This whole string of circumstances that were going on was just to weird to be a coincidence.

I was looking for an opportunity to give Michael a call when I could be alone. I got the chance when Robbie decided to lay down with Gabby for a nap. I gave them enough time to fall asleep and made the call.

Okay Michael, you said I could call you when I really needed you. So I have to ask you some things ASAP. No sooner did I finish saying that when a light became into form. Sure enough it was Michael. Just as he stepped from the light, if you could call it stepping, I started talking. I am glad it worked because I have some things to ask you.

You would ask of that which is causing the emotions.

Yes, This is getting out of hand.

Do you remember that which I spoke of to you before the gathering?

We are going back a ways here. Like what 6 or 7 years?

Remember it now.

As Michael finished speaking it was like we just had that conversation and I repeated it back to him.

There is much to be done. The room that you will use must be cleared of all that is not of Gods love.

Is this going to be like some kind of house exorcism?

No, Joe. That is foolish. You will invite all that is not of Gods love to depart with love. I say to you that which is not of Gods love will not be able to remain.

Are you talking about demons and spirits that may be in a house?

No again I say to you. I speak of that which your kind calls negative energies. Remember when we spoke of man creating evil?


It is the same with what you call entities. Your kind, as children of God, can create these things.

How does this work? I mean how do we do it?

Your kind does this with careless emotions and thought. You know not what you are doing. Yet as you see in your mind in anger or jealousy your kind will bring energy together.

What you're talking about is a mental projection fed by the emotions, gaining mass, and having an effect on us. Then each time we do these things, it feeds on the emotions and gains more mass becoming almost real.

That which you call almost real has become real in between the veils that separate your realm and ours. They have no effect in ours yet in yours as they come close to your kind they can cause unwanted emotions.

I know what you are saying. We get angry with someone or something giving an emotional charge and this creates energy that gets caught in a nowhere zone. Because it was our kind that created it, it recognizes us and will return to feed on more of our emotions. Because the energy is an emotional one we had, we in turn recognize it and get sucked into that emotion again feeding it. I think that is the part you are talking about is it not.

This is that of which I speak. You are asking me why the emotions of anger, fear, resentment and jealously are coming to the sevens.

So this all goes back to negative entities that we have created?

It has. I will say it that you will understand that which I give you. The entities that your kind has created behind the veil now hunger. The Metatron event was draining them of the energy they needed. Some were not in the space to hold the mental in check. Their emotions went out of control and they got angered while others were resentful and others were fearful and in some there was jealousy. Those that were none of these things were still connected to those having these emotions. It is as you say; it is ironic that the very thing that they are attracted to can end them.

You are talking about the light of the masters. The grace energy is so powerful and it will attract them. Now I guess there is a "but". They cannot be fed by the positive energy of grace. I see where this is going. They can only use negative energy because that's where they were created. We, on the other hand, as masters have both available to us. So as the entities come to the light, we recognize them energetically. It is a familiar vibration like getting mad at someone. The reason may not be clear, but the emotion is. When we feel the negative emotion, anger, we get pulled back into that emotion. When we do, we begin to feed the entities.

You surprise us that you have not seen this before now. Have you not seen that which you and other sevens have brought into being unable to grow? Have you not seen what it brings into your lives? The sevens may become disillusioned being caught up in fear, unworthiness, and anger of blame. Yet you or the other masters have not seen this happening. You have not seen these being brought to by others that as you say for no reason you would argue with them.

Well, I did know we were going to an emotional state before this March, so I guess we all chalked it off to that. How does that work?

When a masters light has another come into their life there may be these man made entities hiding just close to the veil. As they come to the master with another, an emotional conflict will take place and the entities from both will feed on this conflict. The masters will become lost unknowing in that which is happening and get frustrated. The frustration will become anger.

This is all well and fine, however how does this help in the knowing of it? Just because I know what it is doesn't mean I know what to do about it. Could it be as simple as clearing the room before a gathering?

In a way it is. Yet there is more to doing then clearing a room. You were given much that will help you release these energies.

OK Michael lets not play guess if you can. Can you just tell me how to handle this negative stuff?

I will as you ask. You have been given what is called the I AM oil and the oil of the Shekinah. You also have what you call charging crystals that may be used to magnify the power of the oils. Take the crystals and place a thin layer on something that will not burn. Place a small piece charcoal on the crystals upon which you will add three drops of the I AM oil. Light the charcoal that it will burn the oil as a gift to God. Say, "As a child of God, I offer this oil as my Gift to you. I ask for your Grace abundantly." Step away from the burning oil that you will not smell the smoke for this is not for you. When the smoke of the oil is gone, place another piece of charcoal on the crystals this time having four drops of the oil of the Shekinah on it and light it. As the charcoal consumes the oil you will say, "As a child of God I bring the Shekinah into my life that I may know unconditional love in all that is around me. That which is not in perfect love depart away."

That is pretty easy.

There is more to it. These things are easily done. Yet I say to you truly you must stand in love when you do these things. Your kind thinks they know love yet they do not. The love of which I speak is that of a mother or father for a child. The love of which I speak is that of a groom for a bride or a bride for a groom. The love of which I speak is that of which consumes the lover in the passion of the moment as well as the loved. It is this love that closes the space between the realm of your kind and ours. That which is not of love in which you call negativity will vanish away into the nothingness. Peace will return in your life. That which you create from this place will bear fruit.

I can see this happening to get rid of the negativity that has been getting in the way. I think I really know what you are talking about with the charging crystals and how they work. Placing the crystals under the charcoal is like putting a mirror behind a light; it will amplify it or like one of those mirrored dishes to focus the light of the sun. I totally get what you are saying. Now as far as standing in a place of love I think I get it too. It isn't just remembering a time when we were in love. It is like the time we were in love. I know for many at times we know we love someone and kind of let it go at that. The thing is we don't feel the passion of that love like when it was new. When I hold Robbie now, I still feel the same as I did when the love was new. As for Gabrayel, when I just look at her and watch what she is doing my heart fills with so much love I think it will pop sometimes. So I really understand what you are saying about standing in that place of unconditional love.

You do see that of which I speak. You can do that which I have told you, for clearing that which has come close to the veil where you are. Yet I say truly this clearing will not last for the space between our realm and yours is wide. The masters have attracted these energies by their light and are connected to other masters the energy travels from one to another.

This means that these negative energies have unlimited supply going from one of us to the next as long as we give off a negative charge to feed it. Just as long as there is a synergistic connection we produce more whether it is a positive energy or negative energy. Knowing about it isn't enough; we have to act on breaking the link that binds it to us as a whole of masters.

Breaking the link as you say will slow down the emotional reproductions of negative entities. Yet I say to as strong as a gathering is when a room is cleared these things can be called back to the place of the gathering. You have seen this at the first gathering.

I think I have seen what you are talking about. But I thought it was us crossing over to your realm. Now as I look at what happened, it could have very well been their interference in the well of souls. What I saw as fazing in and out was the entities getting in the way and the well of souls overpowering them. As I think of it now there were some emotional stuff going on between a few of the masters. When a master can set the emotional charge of anger or the rest of them aside and stand in love these entities can be cast out so they don't get in the way of what we are here to do. On the other hand, if they can't they will keep showing up in the form of strong disagreements and bring about separation with the masters. When we can resist the urge to argue and fight over things we only serve to lessen these energies around us. This is all wonderful for the moment but the negative energies come back again and again. Fascinating.

Do you see now what is to be done?

Sure this is as Joe sees it. The masters can clear a space around them of this negative energy but it will only fend it off for a while. There has become to many of these entities floating around so to speak. I can clear a space close to me and Robbie can do it close to her and other masters can do the same. This begins to lessen the negativity caused by the emotions. Here is what happens. As we began to punch holes in the influence behind the veil that is on us by the time we meet in March we can devastate the flow of negative energy. This is why we are working on manifesting the spiritual love at this March event.

As your kind would say bingo. There is much that is to be done to bring this about. The masters will need to clear the space from the veil close to them, as they do more of the energy will be drawn to the light. The masters will need to be vigilant when these entities bring the negative energy close to them. They will need to be watchful of their emotions shunning that which is not of love. As they do this they will prosper as long as the emotions are in love. If a master finds himself or herself feeding anger, fear, hatred, blame along with the other emotions they will know they are feeding these entities making them grow. Should the master not be able to hold the space of the love I speak they will again do that which I have given.

That sounds like a plan to me Michael. I could use some peace in my life rather then fighting to keep things together. I will talk to Robbie as to how we can start putting this thing together. I am glad I called you. Steve said he felt you were close and I would be getting a visit.

Robbie will speak with you of that which is best. Steve speaks to you of my presence as if he knows when I would come to you. He does not see that what he feels is I coming to him as do other masters that feel angelic energy. They have come to think it is you we are coming to. They do not know we are coming to them so they will not hear that which we are giving them.

Are you saying that the masters can see you guys like I do?

No. I say they will not hear what we are giving them. I say also those that are open to us and will surrender the ego will see.

So the next time someone tells me they feel a visit coming I should tell them to let me know how it turned out?

That would be wise.

I do have one more thing I would like to discuss with you.

You would speak of the book deal you were offered.


You know the answer to that. You have not spoken it to those that need to know. Speak of it to them that you may be about the work at hand. Your wisdom in this matter is sound. As you say to others, trust yourself. Our time is done truly be at peace and teach only love.

As Michael faded back into the light I side thanks for coming but I got no reply.

PS. The I AM oil is to be used by those who have attended a gathering. If someone needs this process done and is not yet gathered one who has been gathered can do it for them. Since this oil is rather expensive and the person performing this process for others is using their supplies; they should charge for this process.

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