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Angel Visit October 25 2004

I fell asleep on the couch while watching Stargate with Randall. When it was over I woke up and headed off to bed to finish my sleep. It seemed just a few minutes after closing my eyes that the room was filled with light. I opened my eyes to see if it was morning or a visitor. I was in luck it was not morning and was hoping this visit would be a quick one so I could get some more sleep.


There is time for sleep when we have spoken. Come.

I got out of bed and put my pants on and headed out to the office where the Gate of Grace is. I saw that Michael had Khamael with him so I knew this was going to be about the Eden event coming up in June of 2005.


You have chosen wisely the place in Georgia on a mountain. This setting will serve well for that which needs to be done.

I like it but some think it should have more of the amenities.


What more does your kind require?

Oh you know hot tubs, room service, a bar, and dance floor, TVs in the rooms and maybe a golf course, a marina for boating or at least a hotel close to the event that offers those things.


Did we not speak of a place in nature for the event to unfold? Did your kind not understand that you were to go from distractions of the world?

I was just kidding about the golf course and marina.


We know you jest yet your kind has a need for things of comfort and distractions.

This place is comfortable with rooms that are very nice. They can accommodate us in the numbers we will have and feed us very well. Robbie likes it and there is no way she does camping or anything close to it.


The place you have chosen is sacred ground that has been used by the people of this land long before visitors beyond the sea came to this land. The mountains are the oldest in this nation of yours, there for it is just that I place my blessings there.

(Khamael spoke in a manor that wasnít angry but rather forceful and with great certainty, which lead me to believe this was the place she herself would have picked. Angels have a habit of doing that when they speak.)

Now all we have to do is finish negotiating the price it will cost us for the four-day stay and the event. We have two spaces that we will use one for the event and the other for the teachings of a gathering. This place is perfect to do both. There is enough room for the formation as well as what is needed for the processes we will be doing.


It was wise of you to ask in the building of an alter, yet I say to you the alter is to be built of stone that no man made tool shall have touched. All the masters that are in attendance will build it. You will lay the corner stone to the east and you know what is to be written on it.

That I do know.


The masters will write their name on stone they offer and return it to the place where they found it when it is done.

I take that means when we are done with the event?

This is true. The masterís vibration will be imprinted on their stone that their light will set in the sacredness of this place. I tell you truly the masters will set the place of the physical in this land. Form this place the prosperity and abundance will flow to Gods children for they will know they have the power to create in the physical.

That sounds great to me, however the masters are just awaking from the sleep you talked about the last time I saw the two of you. If I know anything about many of the masters is that it is going to take a lot of coffee to get the old heart pumping before many get they are powerful enough to make that kind of a difference. Lets face it Michael there are not many that see you as I do. The faith I have, I have for a reason so I am not running blind in the work I am doing. The courage I have is easy to come by because I see you guys and I talk to you. I am not going on just reading angel visits so I know what is happening is true.


Blessed are those that read and know the truth without seeing our kind. Blessed again are those that see us not and act in faith and are gathered. Blessed once more are the masters that gather other masters to this work. Yet I say to you blessed are those that have doubts and come to be gathered and gather. Blessed are those masters all that would on a chance that there is truth in what we have given. Blessed are they raising their vibrations that your world will return to Eden for all your kind. Many are their bricks.

Wow. That was a mouth full. I am not saying that all the masters need a good shove or need to be hit by a spiritual two by four to get into action. What I am saying is we all need a little help sometimes to keep the ball rolling. With all that is going on in our world today it is a wonder anyone is doing anything. And donít forget many of us have been asleep or hiding out waiting to see what is going to happen.


The masters see your nation as divided into two camps now and are waiting to see what will become of the world in which they live. It is not of the masters concern of the worldly sides they are choosing. I tell you truly there are two paths the future will take for your kind. As you say there is revolution at hand if one path is taken and the other path holds evolution.

I know there is a divine dissatisfaction growing in our nation. I know things will have to change sooner or later. Revolution will bring a forcible change while evolution will bring a change about slowly. I know the nations of the world are poised to do something very stupid. At this time I donít think any of the leaders of the world know what they are doing or are about to do. It is like a house catching on fire and all that is happening is the furniture is being moved out of the room that is on fire. No one thinks about putting out the fire because it is all about saving the furniture.


Do you not see that is the reason for gathering one hundred and forty four thousand? When these masters are gathered they will create a place where the fire as you say cannot exist.

So what you are telling me in a nutshell we, the gathered masters, are the ones that can change all this. We shouldnít get hung up about revolution or evolution because it is really about transformation. The light of the masters is going to bring about a transformation of this world to Eden.


What you say is true. For this the masters must come as one in the place of the physical.

I hear you Michael and yet we each have our own light that is filled with our own opinions based on where we are in life. There has got to be a way of blending the light of the masters and cutting through the veil of illusion.


There is. I give to you the way of the blending of the light with the physical. Your king is coming into the time of the festival of light. You have made the oil of this to bring the light of the spiritual into your lives. I give you now the oil that which will blend the spiritual with the physical.

Wasnít it you that wrestled with Jacob and came to Jesus and strengthened him and you are also known as the angel of destruction and courage?


What you say is true of many things I am said to have done. Yet what I give you is the way of destroying that which bars the masterís way to spiritual light manifesting in the physical world. You will blend my oil with that of the festival of light that the masters may over come the separation of spiritual and physical. You will use this blend on the day that is set for me each week until and at the Edenís event. This shall bring the masters to the vibration that they may see our kind as their hearts fill with love. This oil will be sold in lots of seven.

She told me how to make and how it should be used and then Michael spoke of cutting through the veil of illusion.


Your kind has the ability to pass through the veil yet many need a tool to penetrate the veil. Do you know of golden selinite?

Yes, I do know what it is. Robbie has a bunch in the backyard. It is to get rid of negative energy and balance out energy I think. It is a pretty golden yellow that kind of reminds of mica only itĎs thicker. That is something that Robbie knows more about then me.


Do you not see it looks as the blade of a knife?

Oh. I guess it could I never paid much attention to it because it is not one of the crystals used in the Gate of Grace. What are you getting to with all this?


Golden selinite can be used as a knife to cut through the veil of illusion.

Cool. How do you use it?


Take a piece of the selinite seven inches or longer. Wrap the widest end with that which you call jute that the crystal will not ground with your flesh. Go to your gate and stand in the center. Hold the blade in your hand as you would a knife and cut as you would a curtain a line big enough for you to step through. Step through and you will feel an energy shift through out your body. Your kind will see things in a new light. When you are finished step back to that from which you have come from.

Now that sounds very interesting. Why are you bringing this up now?

Your kind is moving into the physical. The tools we offer are to help your kind with that which they cannot understand or achieve without them. As the masters come to gather at the place of each church more will be given. At the time of the gathering of 144,000 the masters will do miracles unknown to mankind.

Oh man I got to be around to see that.


We would speak now of the things you will do at the event. Yet you will not speak of these until you are told to. You have need of knowing that you may make ready for these to be done.

Ok. Fire away I am listening. It was each of them taking turns giving me information and what was needed. My head was spinning at the things I need to do and get and for what reason. It was some time later when they finished. The light that brought with them was about to fold again into its self and as they stepped back into it they said together as one voice.

Michael/ Khamael

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