An Angelic Guide to the Universe


March 1, 2008

I had gotten up early Saturday morning so I could get to the other side of town. The place where I get the material to make the altar stones closes at noon, and I had a few errands to run first. I made it in time to get what I needed, and was on my way home. I pulled into Home Depot, parked and started to get out of the car.

Michael I would speak with you.

A bright light started forming in the passenger’s seat. Well, it looks like angel time, I thought to myself. I watched as Michael came into view. People walked by, and not only did they not notice Michael but no one paid any attention to me.

Michael The time has come for us to speak again of the making of the tabernacle.

“I was wondering when you were going to get back to that. I made the large Metatron stone to set the flame on. But I still don’t have the tent made or the other Metatron stones made that you told me not to talk about.”

Michael We will speak on this now. You are making the white stones with that which I have given you to be written upon them.

“Yes. That’s why I came into town today. As you know, I need to get more supplies to make more. The ones I have made are as you instructed me. I still think what you had me put on them looks like a bunch of gobble-goop but what do I know.”

Michael Each who receives the white stone will see a new name. All are given in Oneness the same writing, yet none but the one it is made for will be able to read it.

“I kind of figured it would be something like that. Now can we get back to the Metatron stones? I know you told me I would be making some for the floor of the tent but I still don’t know how this is supposed to work. “

Michael You need to make 222 of the stones to balance the vibrations of the white stones. Do you not see this?

“Well, now that you mention it, I can see the logic in it. When there was only one part to the formation, the stones that made up the altar were in balance. However, now that there are two parts to the Grand Formation, the altar side would appear to be a little lopsided — energetically, so to speak.”

Michael This is so. The stones of the Metatron will serve as the floor of the tabernacle in the formation. Each of those who stand in the Grand Formation holding the tabernacle [Metatron side] will take one of the Metatron stones with them when they return home. As the altar stones serve as the foundation for the flame of the Shekinah, the Metatron stone will hold the flame of the Metatron bringing balance of Feminine and Masculine.

“Is this because when people return home they will be taking the altar stones with them, and the Metatron stones need to be spread out to keep the vibrations balanced?

Michael You are wise to see this.

“That is fine and dandy to keep the energy balanced but I do have a question about that. Given you gave us the Michael stone that the purple flame Shekinah sits on, does the Metatron stone have anything to do with flame of Metatron?”

Michael This is so. When you gather this year, you will be calling in and sending out the first vibrations of Peace. These vibrations you will be creating by using the Feminine and the Masculine as you stand in formation.

“Are saying that we can use the Metatron stone with the flame of Metatron on it and the Michael stone with the Shekinah on it together to manifest with after the Event?”

Michael Yes. Yet you must remember: the Metatron stone holds the Divine Masculine vibrations and is the foundation for creation as the Shekinah is the vessel.

“That is good to know. How do we use the stones and the flames for manifesting?”

Michael Place that which you call the Michael stone on anything level. Set upon this the purple flame of the Shekinah. Place the stone of your color between the circle and the flames of my stone. Place the stone of the Metatron with the flame of the Metatron upon it facing the flames of my stone. Let your mind become empty of all that which you do not desire. Become very clear on that which you would call into being. Sing the words of that which you would have be nine times. On the tenth time say the words in a commanding voice and the give thanks as if it were already so.

“That sounds pretty cool if you ask me but what if you don’t have a flame of Metatron to place on the stone?”

Michael You must remember the Metatron stone is the foundation of the Divine Masculine as the flame of the Metatron is the focal point of the vibrations. The stone of the Metatron holds this vibration and may be used by itself. Yet I tell you truly, the one using it by itself must be very clear and disciplined to bring forth that which they desire in less time.

“I totally understand that. So I guess I had better make some extra Metatron stones for the people who are not in the formation around the tent.”

Michael That would be wise of you.

“Anything else on this that you have not told me?”

Michael Are there not other things that you would speak to me of?

“Yes there are. There are a few things that have come up in the planning of this event, and the time we have to fit things in.”

Michael You speak of making chocolate chip cookies.

“You are talking like Robbie when others think things should be different than the way it is supposed to be done. As you know, we are working on the schedule for the event, along with other things. White Eagle has been helping Robbie, and is really good at organization and keeping things on track with everyone else on the calls we have been having.”

Michael It is good that Robbie has help in making a tentative schedule for that which will take place at the Event. Yet you were told that Robbie would set the schedule.

“Are you telling me not to have anyone else help her?”

Michael It would be wise for Robbie to have help. White Eagle knows that which will be needed for the First People and their ceremonies. She will be helpful to Robbie to set the flow from one part to another when you know who is going to be coming. Others who would need times at the Event will send Robbie what they would like, and Robbie will consider putting it on the schedule.

“I hear what you are saying. Now what does this have to do with cookies?”

Michael You are trying to figure out how to do the blessing in a timely way with the time you have.

“That’s true. It looks like it is going to take a lot of hours for me to give the blessing to over four or five hundred people. I feel there has to be another way of doing this.”

Michael You are wise to see this. There is another way to set the vibrations of those who will stand in the Grand Formation.

“Cool. You are going to tell me how to do it right?”

Michael Yes. You were given the Blessing and the Dance of Oneness to raise the vibrations, and bring everyone into Oneness. The other way in which this can be done is to not do the Blessing and the Dance of Oneness. Each of these is a balance of vibrations. If the Blessing is removed or the Dance is removed, this brings about a loss of balance. One of these cannot be replaced with something else. The other way is for the 444 who will stand in the Grand Formation on the evening of the last day of the Event — for two days, when you would have done the Blessing and the Dance of Oneness — these 444 will go to the formation and stand in their places from sunrise to sunset. They will sing the names of God nine times and they will sing “I Am One” nine times. They will repeat these two songs through the day until the sun sets.

“I can see how this will raise the vibrations and bring us into Oneness. However, people will need to eat and go to the bathroom.”

Michael This is not unforeseen. You have what are called breaks. Give two hours for each meal and one half-hour for bathroom breaks. No less, and no more time will be spent. You may choose which you will do.

“Well that answers that. Now I do have another question about the Blessing and the time it will take. I have been thinking of a way to speed the process up. I thought I could teach seven people to do the blessing besides me.”

Michael You are not to teach the Blessing to anyone yet. I will tell you when and to whom you will teach the Blessing. You may give the Blessing to seven masters that it may be passed on to others. These seven masters’ names I will give to you when you arrive at Yellowstone.

“I was kind of hoping I could pick and choose myself. I also thought maybe I could give the Blessing to some people, and they could give the blessings to others, and so and so on. Or I could do the whole room at once.”

Michael No, and no, and no.

“Well I guess that means no. Not to change the subject but I do have a question on the schedule. You said we would know more in the spring. Does this mean it is spring?”

Michael You and Robbie will be going to Denver soon, and when you return home it will be spring.

“Could you be more vague about that answer?”

Michael You will be meeting with others there who you will be able to set the schedule.

“I am going to meet with some people of other cultures that could be great to have at the Event.”

Michael As you have been told, you will know more when you return home.

“That works for me. Is there anything else for me?”

Michael Is there anything you would ask of me?

“I do have one other thing. We are looking to come up with a logo for the Event this year. I was going to use our Gate of Grace logo like we have used in the past. I was asked to consider using another form of the geometry of the Gate.”

Michael The Gate of Grace is as I have given it to you. It would be wise to use that which people know is your logo.

“That is what I thought. Use what people know from past years and not change it up now.”

Michael Our time is done for now. We will speak again after you return home from Denver. Be at peace and teach only love.

Michael once more folded back into the light and was gone. I looked around to see if anyone noticed what had happened, but still no one was paying any attention. So, I got out of the car and went about my day shopping.

May 10, 2008 Visit        back to top

I woke up remembering that I left the water running in the pond. I thought about just going back to sleep and turning it off in the morning but that wasn't a good idea. I got up, dressed and went down to the pond and turned the water off anyway. As I turned around I could see the light was on through the office window. What is Robbie doing up so early? I wondered as I walked back to the house. I came in through the back door leading to the office and saw it wasn't Robbie at all. Standing in the middle of the Gate was Michael.

Michael Awaken for we would speak with you.

“Well Michael, unless I am dreaming it feels like I am pretty much awake, anyhow.”

Michael I speak to all of God’s children that some may hear. Rise up and call the Light of Truth forth. Many have there been the distractions of the Sevens. Many distractions have there been in the work you do for the coming of the Eden Event.

“You have no idea of what has been going on. Well maybe you do.”

Michael You were told that some who were to be at the Eden Event would fall away and there would be others who would come that you knew not of.

“Yes. You did tell me that a while back but I didn't think it would be like this. Nor did I think I would be the one to make the hard choices in letting them go.”

Michael It is for this reason this work was given to you. You will do that which must be done to honor the masters and the Eden event.

“That is true. I will be who I need to be to see that this happens, however we did lose a bunch of people because it. I hated to see that happen when we were so close to the number you called for. We were at close to 420-something I think.”

Michael You may lose more.

“Oh well that is just a great thought.”

Michael Fret not for the ones you have lost, for they were about other things which is not of the Eden Event. You were wise to speak to Robbie of those that have given a deposit.

“You mean some of the people that early on put down like $50 to hold their spot in the formation?”

Michael I do. It would be wise, as you have said, to speak to them to see if they are going to be at the Eden Event. Only then will you have a true number.

“Now that's just peachy. If we lose any more I don't know how we can make up the numbers.”

Michael When you speak of we, you are speaking of those of you who are hosting the event. You must remember, your numbers are great, at this time, of those who would stand with you at the Eden Event. Call forth their power in the commitment they hold. Should each be about bringing one more person to be gathered, I tell you truly you will surpass the 444 you seek.

“You have a point there. I still don't think everyone that is registered will have someone new there, but it is a good start.”

Michael As you have said, if it were not for the Sevens, you would just be some guy standing in a field talking to angels. Do not underestimate those who are registered, for they see the importance of that which they can cause this year.

“Michael, I would never underestimate the masters.”

Michael Come with me.

As I stepped toward him, I wondered where he was going to take me. In that one step everything changed. I was once again in a blinding white light. Not like it hurt my eyes, but I just couldn't see anything but white — except for Michael. I began to see in the whiteness what looked like a violet fog mixed in with the whiteness. It didn’t take me long to realize it was the white that was acting as a veil to this violet on the other side. I don't know if we were moving toward it or if the veil was becoming thinner. The violet was becoming more and more brilliant moment by moment. I could see into the violet light. It was the one I had come to know as the Shekinah standing there.

She was standing above the altar bowl that was sitting on an altar of white stones that looked like the bricks I made. Her red hair was flowing up and around her head dancing like flames in a fire. I am not sure if the altar and she turned or if it was Michael and I who rotated around her. Once Michael and I stopped moving, I started to see colored lights forming all over the ground. It didn't take me long to see that these lights were beginning to make up the Shekinah formation that will be the western half of the Grand Formation at the Eden Event. I watched as the lights led my eyes to another formation holding a white tent. This is the Metatron formation that we will be using at the Eden Event I thought, and each of the little lights are people standing in the formation. This was really cool to see. From the tent I could see a glow inside. So I knew something was happening. I began to feel a vibration as if everyone there was resonating at the same frequency. Each of the lights became brighter. The next thing to happen was the little lights began to make a big circle around the formation. Once the circle was formed by the many different colored lights, each light had what looked like a small white light appear just above them. After that had happened, the colored lights began to move. Two by two the lights started moving off as if they were in a big procession going somewhere. The only thing that struck me as strange was as the line the lights were moving, I could see that some lights were missing. The whole line-thing of lights was amazing to see, but the missing lights troubled me. I turned to Michael to ask what this was all about when we began to rotate around again. “What is going on?” I asked.

Michael Tell me that which you have seen.

“It looked like to me that we were all in the formation that we are using at Yellowstone during the Eden Event. I saw the Shekinah above the altar bowl, and the tent with the Metatron inside. However, I must say I have seen the tent brighter with the Metatron inside it. I noticed that each of the different colored lights that made up the Grand Formation were given a little white light. which they walked away with — if that is what they were doing. I take this to mean each has the light of truth they are taking to the world. The line thing reminds me of them walking the paths of truth. The missing lights make me think of people that didn't make it to the Event.”

Michael You are wise to see this. Look again.

As we made a complete circle around the Shekinah I began to see the Grand Formation form again. I glanced back at the Shekinah once more, as if to get my directions. She was still in the violet light but this time the light was more like it was made of flames. Her hair still danced about her head much as it did before. My attention was drawn back to the two parts of the formation where once again there were the multicolored lights in each place that people will be standing. Again I saw the white tent that held the Metatron — the light was brighter this time. The next thing to happen was people began to come into view in each of the lights. Once again I could feel the vibration of oneness but it was coming from each and all of the people at the same time. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to look to see who it was. Sure enough it was Gabriel.

Gabriel Step back lest you become overwhelmed with the passing of the Shekinah.

I moved back so there was a clear path between the Shekinah and the tent. I could feel the vibrations coming from the masters that were standing in the formation. It was as if they had opened a floodgate or opened up some kind of portal in space and time. The Shekinah moved without moving in the direction of the tent. She was going from one place to another place but not moving from where she was. The strangest thing I have ever seen. The next thing to happen was her entering the tent, even though she was still above the altar. There was a bright light in the tent, and then there was only the masters standing in the formation. Their vibrations seemed to be going out to everything. The ground was absorbing it, and even the very air was holding the frequency coming from the masters. It didn’t feel like something profound happened in a powerful way. It was more like a gentle breeze started in the center of each part of the formation and went outwards. The thing I noticed was the way the masters looked. There was something very different about them. I think it was more about who they had become rather than any physical change that took place. The best thing I can come up with is they are just more of who they really are. It was like their inner light shone more brightly.

Gabriel You see now that which the masters are becoming. Yet I tell you truly, the world has begun to change in that which you have seen. Look out into the world.

I began to look outside the formation to see what he was talking about. My sight was limited by the brightness of the light all around me and the formation. As I peered past the light, I could see what looked like new grass on the field. Not like someone just put down sod but little sprigs of a really beautiful color of green coming up from the ground. The trees also held a new vibrant color to them; and the vibrating air had a clearness and crispness to it I don't ever remember seeing before. “Wow,” was all I could say.

Gabriel Wow indeed. As you can see, the world has started to change. And again, truly, I say to you, it is not only the world that is changing. It is all of those upon it.

“So, is this what we are going to bring about this year at the Eden Event?”

Gabriel These are the things the masters can cause. One will send the vibrations to the world. Yet the other will give the masters the work of changing the world. It is now up to the masters to choose how the vibrations reach the world.

“It looks like one way the work is done at Yellowstone and the other way we get to do the work afterwards.”

Gabriel This is so. Yet those that stand in the formation and receive the light of truth will be able to do much.

“I just had a thought. To me, I think it works like this. If we do stand in the formation with the 444, we will be sending out the first vibrations of peace to the world. If we have less than 444, we will be the ones to carry the first vibrations of peace to the world.”

Michael This is so.

“Oh. Michael. Gary asked me to ask you about the Dance of Oneness.”

Michael Say to him maybe the hokey pokey is what it is all about.

“You read the bumper sticker didn’t you. You also heard me and Robbie talking about if there were to be no Native American ceremony done, as not to offend these people. We would do the hokey pokey, and that would solve that problem.”

Michael I say this that you may hear. It is not the dance you do that is oneness; it is that you do it together in oneness. It is in this oneness you dance with same purpose. If you do this, your vibrations will become strong.

“So are you saying this dance is serious at this event?”

Gabriel The Dance of Oneness is important, not serious. The masters have need to dance with a single purpose — not just for fun. Yet I tell you truly, this is not to say fun cannot be had. Whichever dance you decide to do, dance it in joy.

“I get your point.” Having said that Michael and Gabriel put their hands on each shoulder, and the fog of light became so thick all I could see was Michael and Gabriel. Again the light began to dim and we were standing back in my office. I figured this visit was almost over.

Michael Your mind says we have given you much to think about. Yet I say to you, this time we have spent is for all the masters. Let go of your distractions that the first vibrations of peace may be visited on the world.

“You know what? I think the masters really get the importance of all this. I also think there are others that haven't heard about this yet that would move Heaven and Earth to be there. No pun intended. Also there are over 100 people to be gathered at this event. The good news is there are people registering every day. The bad news is there are people canceling, too. For right now we are just holding around 406. I know there is going to be a point when what we have will settle and become stable. When this happens we will begin to move forward with the number again. Now, as you put it, we will let go of the distractions. I will tell you what. I am really getting excited about the Eden Event.”

Michael I tell you truly. The excitement you are feeling will fill the hearts of others. That which is to come will be as no other Eden Event. Friendships will be made that will last a lifetime. Love will be found by those who have found it not. Souls will reconnect with one another in a powerful way because of the paths of truth that are open, which have been denied by the darkness and by ignorance. When the Shekinah and the Metatron join once more, the world cannot war against it. I cannot speak more of that which may be created when you stand in Yellowstone as one. Our time is done. Be at peace and teach only love.

I did want to talk some more but I could see this visit was done. Michael and Gabriel began to fold back into the light and were soon gone. I figured I would write a little bit of the visit a little before I started my day. Chuck was coming down to help me with the altar stones that needed yet to be made.


Over the years, as Joe and I have worked together on books, there have been points where I will stop writing and just stare at the text. I’ll pick up the phone and say bluntly, “Joe, something’s missing.” He usually smiles, because it means one of those conversations that Joe and I love to have is about to begin. This visit caused that to happen once again.

“OK, what’s missing? Is it in the appearance or the message?” Joe asked.

“It’s in the appearance,” I hastily responded. “There are two things I’d like to point out. The first is that Gabriel was talking in the present tense when he says, ‘Yet I tell you truly, the world has begun to change in that which you have seen.’ Later, you respond in the past tense as if what you saw was yet to come. But I felt strongly the power of Gabriel’s words as they were spoken in the present tense. And I don’t mean to make this about grammar, because it isn’t. It’s about something that has already begun because of the masters, and I don’t think it can be stopped. Remember when Gabriel said, “It is now up to the masters to choose how the vibrations reach the world”?


“Well, I believe there is a part of that statement that reveals the masters have already started something, and it’s up to the masters how it is finished. Everywhere I go, my clients, my friends, my associates are all saying the same thing. Their lives are upside down. Somebody has turned the card table over and the game is disrupted. Each and every one of us is being forced to look at ourselves in a new way. It’s not about putting the card table back in place and resetting the game. It’s much bigger than that. I’m seeing that the game is over. Period. Something really huge, really powerful, really unstoppable has already turned the card table over ... for all of us. And I think we did it. Somehow, the masters did it.”

“I hear ya,” Joe said. “It’s like rulers who have been in power throughout history, and the question now is ‘Who really is in power?’ It’s not about whether we have been fooled throughout history. It’s about what have we been distracted from throughout history.”

“Exactly. You’ve hit the nail on the head. And all the drama that has been occurring around the Eden Event is not a symptom, it’s a metaphor, a microcosm of the macrocosm. Here we’ve done the best we can to call the world into Oneness so that the first vibrations of Peace can begin. And what happens? Certain groups accuse of us ulterior motives, of trying to make money off of Native Americans, of trying to use Elders to feather our own nest. They have demonstrated against one of our guest speakers, even resorting to violence. They have grabbed center stage, and it has proven to be a distraction. We have struggled with that distraction, questioning our efforts and those who are threatening to demonstrate at the Eden Event. It’s caused us to cancel one of our speakers, and it’s caused another speaker to cancel with us. It’s been unnerving. It’s forced us to look at our priorities and to deal with people who choose not to see our work being about peace but about exploitation. What I’m trying to say here is that this has been a mechanism to force us to look not only at ourselves but at our entire existence throughout history. Leaders have stayed in power by using distractions, by creating side events to keep us from recognizing our own inner power, our own claim to the fullness of life. And I believe we may be looking at something just as important as the Golden Age of Peace. What we may be looking at is the end of the shell game, the end of being distracted from the full power of Oneness, the fullness of life ... the unimaginable power of fully being who we are.”

“And you think the masters have brought this forward to be changed or to be ended?” Joe’s voice had that edge to it where he is seeing something for a second time.

“Yes, I do. I believe that Gabriel’s words are pointing to a global shift that has already begun. And it won’t be stopped as long as we choose not to be distracted from what we have begun. I believe Michael is trying to tell us that we have an opportunity so great that it can’t be put in words. That’s why I thought something was missing. I could tell by what you wrote that you had a profound experience, but it wasn’t coming across in the words. So I had to talk to you about it.”

“It’s true. What I saw was mind-blowing, I couldn’t contain myself. It brought such joy to me. The masters are the key and will be the key in deciding how we shift the perception of our world.”

“Yep. I get that. Which brings me to my second point. Never before has Michael took you in circles trying to show you something. Why do you think he did it now? He does nothing without a reason.”

“Well,” Joe said, “I got the impression he was wanting me to see the possibilities of the whole picture.”

“That’s what I thought. It reminds me of what physicists do when they are looking at a hologram. The whole picture is captured in the hologram, but when you shine a laser beam on it, a facet of the picture shows up depending on what angle you shoot the laser beam into the hologram. I felt Michael was doing exactly that. And I believe the reason he did that was to emphasize that what is about to unfold is dependent on what the masters choose to see. I’m the guy who gets hung up on the numbers, as we’ve heard in the past. And I’d really like more than ever for there to be 444 people in the Grand Formation. But it isn’t just about numbers. Folks have made choices not to come because of the distractions. Which means that replacements may move in to guarantee that distractions no longer rule us. And I’m not just talking about the Eden Event. I’m talking about the future of the entire Earth. A monumental moment is staring us in the face. And like you, I have to trust that whatever the masters decide will be the right decision.”

Let us decide together.

Note: For those of you who have not yet been in a gathering formation, the angels call us masters because the journey we are collectively pursuing is to recognize the master within each of us. So any of you who is coming to the event, the angels would call masters.

June 3, 2008 Visit      back to top 

I was up late putting the final touches on the tent we will be using at the Eden Event. Cheri Maney came down from Austin over the weekend to help because I can’t sew well at all. She spent most of the day sewing it together but there were a few things that needed to be done on it after she had to leave. I had just finished the last stitch when I heard a familiar voice, and the inside of the tent started to fill with light.

Michael You have done well in the making of the Tabernacle.

While he was speaking, he grew in size and walked through the tent with Gabriel right behind him. “Yes. We have worked hard to get it done, along with everything else. The altar stones are finished with a few extras just in case some get broken in the shipment to Yellowstone. I know you said to make only 222 of them but I figured making a few more was better than having to give someone a broken one.

Gabriel This was wise of you, yet you will only use the number of stones given. You have placed the seventh name of God upon the altar bowl I have given you.

That I did; just like you told me. I wrote the letters exactly as you gave them to me. Now can you tell me why you gave me those letters to put on the bowl rather than the name we used on the bowl in the past?

Gabriel You have been troubled trying not to offend anyone. I gave you this name so you would not. This name has not been spoken in over 7000 of your years. This name, when spoken, says neither and both of the male and female name of God. That your kind may be ready to speak these words, they must remain silent in words from sunrise until the start of the noon mealtime. The useless chatter of your kind busies their minds and mouths with words. In this silence the mind and mouth are cleansed that this name may be spoken in purity and with power.

“I just have to say this because in the past, where there was a no side-talking rule, someone had to ask. ‘If there is a big spider crawling on the person next to me, does that mean I can’t tell them?’ I know what you are going to say about this. There are times when someone needs to communicate information to someone else. However nonessential talking is only useless chatter. Comments and opinions are best kept to oneself until the start of the noon meal. Alexander used to do this in his classes, and it worked rather well.”

Gabriel He was a wise teacher of yours.

“Indeed he was. He taught me many things, including the blessing I offer at the Eden Event.“

Michael I would speak to you of this.

“Good. I was hoping you would tell me how this is going to work, and who is going to be helping me with the blessing.”

Michael You will not be told the names of those who will offer the blessing with you until you are at the event.

“Couldn’t you just tell me now and I don’t tell anyone.”

Michael No. For I tell you truly that three of those that would have offered the blessing with you have, as you say, canceled coming to the event.

“What? You mean to tell me there were people that were coming to the event that you had planned to have help me with the blessing? How is this possible?”

Michael Some of your kind are able to let the divine energy, as you call it, flow more easily than others. Those we have chosen have free will in that which they will do.

“So what you are saying is even if they could hold the energy it doesn’t mean they will. In that case, maybe if you would have told me who they were they would have come.”

Michael This is not so. For if they were only to come for the Blessing they would not have been able to hold it.

“This means if someone comes with a personal agenda, it won’t work.”

Michael More than that. That which you call a personal agenda will hinder anyone at this event.

“I take it, this does not include the speakers or schedule.”

Michael It does not. Your kind needs to remember those that speak the most learn the least.

“Given that, I have some questions I would like to ask.”

Michael Ask that which you would learn.

“As you know, we are to do the Dance of Oneness. However, the Hokey Pokey, to me, just doesn’t get it. There are several dances that could be done but nothing is set yet. There are some people coming to the event that have a dance of their own they may want to do. I don’t know how this is going to work to decide which one to use without offending anyone. “

Michael Enough. You have missed that which was said to you. You are wasting effort and spending time on who is going to teach which dance you will do. We will give you the dance to dance and the song to be sung.

“I sure hope it has a catchy tune, and is a real toe-tapper.” No more had I gotten the words out of my mouth when the inside of the tent started to glow with light. One by one, other angels started coming through the sides of the tent. These were all the angels of the seven churches. Khamael, Haniel, Tzaphqiel, Raphael, Tzadqiel, and Ratziel were there. Without a moment’s delay, the tent was gone as well as all the furniture. I was standing in a room with eight angels. What was really cool was they had all shrunken down to my size. I felt a little less intimidated by the stature of all these angels now, and was more open to whatever was to come next. The angels formed a circle, with Michael on my right and Khamael on my left. Gabriel was standing across from me with the others filling the circle. We were all standing about half an arm’s length between each of us. Tzaphqiel started singing and the other angels joined in the chorus. I know this song, I said to myself, and jumped right in singing. Gabriel looked into my eyes and spoke.

Gabriel Watch that which we do.

“I watched as the angels took each other’s hands, and Michael and Khamael took mine. We soon started swaying back and forth as we sang. I was watching Gabriel as he took a step, and I did the same along with the other angels. I soon got the hang of it, and we were all singing and stepping. “This is pretty cool, and also easy to do,” I said to them. The singing got hushed and Michael spoke.

Michael You will do this in what are called rounds. You will do eight rounds of nine. You will do this two times. The only three rules, as you call them, is that once you start you must not break hands and each circle must go in a different direction. The second time you do this, each circle will move in the opposite direction from what it did the first time.

“The room that we may be doing the dance in isn’t square. It is much longer then it is wide.”

Michael There are only three rules.

“I know. I know. Once the dance starts don’t let go of the other person’s hand, and each circle goes in the opposite direction. The first set we start one way and the second time we start the other way. I take it to mean we can do what we need to in order to make it work other than to break the rules.”

Michael You have been given a dance that will offend no one’s culture.

“Oh please, Michael, we are bound to offend someone. We have a lot of people from all over the world coming to this event. I am sure we can offend someone. Gary and Joseph have worked very hard to bring in indigenous people from different countries. They have a room and a time set aside to get them together to talk. Each has valuable information to share about their culture and prophecies. Some of which is about an age of peace to come. Joseph wants a meeting to get them together so the prophecies can come to pass.”

Gabriel Has not enough been done to interfere with that which these people must come to on their own? You and the masters are to come to the Eden Event to be at cause for something wonderful to happen. You have created a space for these people to come. It is not up to you to play Yenta to these people.

“Funny, Gabriel. Real funny. Yenta is a good way of putting it so I will get the point. We have put the Eden Event together and invited all these people, and it is now up to them to decide how to use it or not.”

Michael The greatest contributions any of your kind can make at the Eden Event is to give them the space and time to do with it as they wish. I tell you truly, little will happen should any get in the way of what is to come. Is it not easy to see what the event has set in motion? Everything that has come about this far is only a piece of something greater. It cannot be forced by others to happen. Be you a witness of that which will come from this and not an instrument of it.

“So what I am hearing is it is like Gary says about quantum physics: The mere observing of it will change the outcome of it.”

Gabriel Gary is wise to see this. No matter how good intended one may be or innocent in a quest for knowledge, it will change the outcome.

“Alright all ready; I understand. It is like God or the Beatles say -- Let it be.”

Michael You understand the way of it -- that you may be at peace to be about the work you have before you.

Michael let go of my hand as did Khamael, and I could see the other angels letting go of each other’s hands. I looked across the circle to Gabriel. He stepped aside, and I could see a wall of white light behind him. As I looked into the light, I could see something dark moving toward the circle. It was becoming darker the closer it got until I could plainly see it was Ebby, my female mastiff I lost just a month ago. She was 11 years old when she went home. She was going deaf and blind with a great deal of trouble walking or even getting up. Now, however, she looked in perfect shape. There was no pain or limp in her walk as her big feet carried her over to where I was standing. I reached down and put my hand on her big head. “That’s my big girl,” I said; and she looked at me with her big brown eyes. She opened her large mouth and took my wrist into it and pulled me closer to her. She let go, and I hugged her and scratched her hind quarter as I often did when she was alive. I could feel her great weight against me as I shifted my feet to keep my balance. I was looking down at her, petting her, and telling her how much I missed her.

Michael Your heart is big enough to love so much for these big dogs.

“You don’t have to have a big heart, Michael. You only need to have an open one.” I looked up to Michael and asked him if I was going to see the other dogs of mine that went home years earlier.

Michael Not this time. Yet I tell you truly, I will bring them to you after the Eden Event that you may spend time with them.

“That would really be great, Michael.” I no sooner said that when I was pushed aside by Dude and Buddy, making their way from the other room to Ebby. Dude rubbed his large body against Ebby in a sign of affection, and Buddy dropped down on his front legs as to invite her to play. I watched this for I have no idea how long when I heard Michael’s voice again.

Michael Her time is done for now.

Ebby nudged me one more time, and she turned to go. She looked over her shoulder as she headed back to the light that she came from. Dude and Buddy walked with her until she reached the light. I guess they knew it was not their time to go into the light. “Thanks, Michael. That was really nice of you to do that.”

Michael She will visit again soon.

While he was saying that, I could see the other angels, who had come to help show me the dance, start to fold back into the light that surrounded them. When they were gone, the room was full of furniture along with the tent gain.

Gabriel Be wise with that which we have spoken of. That which happens at this event will set the course for the next. Rest easy knowing Colleen is, as you say, ‘On it.’

“I had a hunch it was going to be in the east next year. I had her look around Virginia Beach because Edgar Cacey was from there. But mostly, I just knew in my heart the Light of Wisdom comes from the East and is manifest in the West. I know there is nothing too big for her to handle. If anyone can have it happen, it’s Colleen.”

Gabriel She has done much for that which you will do in Yellowstone. There is much she can help you with next year. For now, be about this one until it is done. Yet I tell you truly: It is wise to look to the next event.

Michael We will speak again when you are at the Eden Event. I will give you more of that which you will need to know. Be at peace and teach only love.

With those words Michael and Gabriel folded into the light and were gone. Dude and Buddy headed back to the bedroom to sleep, and I was left alone with the tent to reflect on this visit. I can see there are plans that have been made that are going to change. Some things are going to have be rearranged, but it is better it happens now rather than later.

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Coming back from this year’s event for us was a whole new experience. After being gone for all most a month there was a lot of work to be done just to get caught up when we returned home. Now those things are beginning to settling down a bit I have had time to do a write up about the event itself. The day before the Event started was about gathering people so they could stand in the grand formation. These gatherings started in the morning and went into the evening hours. The following day there were a few more people that arrived late that needed to be gathered and they were. As near as I can figure there were 166 new masters gathered at the event. This year’s Eden Event went far beyond my expectations in almost every way. We all worked very hard to try to get the 444 gathered masters needed to stand in the formation. Rather than bother everyone with all the ups and downs in the numbers let me just give you the final number - Not only did we have the 444 that Michael said we needed we had 462 standing in formation at Yellowstone. However, I am getting ahead of myself.

I guess the best place to start with is the visit from Michael at the event. I didn’t sleep very well throughout the event so I was up early before sunrise. I decided to go outside for a smoke and maybe walk down to the corner for a coffee. The morning air was still cool which I was grateful for because the mosquitoes weren’t out in force yet. As I strolled down the sidewalk just passing the corner of the hotel I heard Michaels voice.


Blessed are you and the masters that have gathered here. Blessed is that which you will cause in these days.

I am glad you approve with what we have but we still don’t have the number you asked for.


It is taking too long for all the paper work to be gone over to give the numbers you wish to know. I tell you truly the number of masters that will stand with you in the formation will be more than enough.

I must say I am happy to hear that. It would be a big disappointment for all of us here to come so close only to fall short of what is needed. I have noticed in the past when we do have the numbers needed there is a spiritual energetic dynamic that seems to manifest its self among those that stand in the formation. Dear I say it. It is like it is almost easier to be at what we are about causing, like we don’t have to work so hard at it.


This is the reason you are given a number of masters for the formation. With less it is true that which you will do takes longer and greater effort to bring it about. The masters have been given the paths of truth that they may use them in their lives to find wisdom. As you all stand together these days that which is not true will be reveled and brought into the light.

Funny you should say that. Some of the masters have told me they are seeing if others are speaking something that is not in truth it stands out like a sore thumb.


You will come to find this not only will happen with the masters. Now that the paths of truth have been opened you will find this happening with the world in which you live. That which has been in darkness will come into the light.

I guess the world leaders are going to have some explaining to do.


We will speak of this another time. I would speak with you on that which I told you I would give you.

Oh. You are talking about the ones that are going to help me with the blessing.


Yes this and other things. We will speak first of the ones to help you for you have in your mind the ones you would choose. Robbie and Gabrayel will be two that will offer the blessing.

I can’t say I am too surprised about that. Who else do you have in mind?


Mara, Cheri, Rebecca, Howard, Michael and Todd will also help you with the blessing.

The only one I am not sure of is Michael unless you mean Kelley.


I do.

I can see why you picked each of these, however, I had some others in mind I think would have worked well too.


Your feelings for some would have gotten in the way of what was to be done. Your loyalty to those as a friend would have interfered with the flow of the blessing.

I guess you are right in what you are saying because I thought for sure a few others would be doing the blessing with me.


You will ready yourself as you have in the past for the blessing. Once you are filled with the divine grace for the blessing you will place it in each of the masters. You will do this by placing your left hand on the heart of each and your right hand high above the tail bone and fill each with grace. They will then pass the grace to those that are before them.

Are you sure this is going to work?


When you do as you were told each will hold the grace. They may then pass it on to others as you do. There only two things that will stop the flow of grace. Should one find themselves doubting if they can do this or if their ego takes control the grace will stop flowing. All that is needed is for them to touch the arm of one that still has the grace flowing through them. This will start the flow once again. Each master that helps you will hold the grace until they are no longer in your presence. They may then receive the blessing from you or one another.

I can do that.


Do you have questions of the dance of oneness?

No. Not really. You and the other angels showed me how it was to be done so I think I got the dance thing down. The dance isn’t going to be the hard part. The part that is going to take some time is going to be getting everyone in the proper place before we start it. In the past getting a bunch of people where they need to be is like herding cats. I can just see it now trying to get over 400 people in all the circles just so we can get started.


You have a loud voice. Use it. You have a large room. Use it. You have those that would help. Use them.

Ok. I can do that also. What else?


I would speak to you of the formation.

Given we are close to the time we will be doing that I could use the information on it.


You will have Robbie set the altar in the feminine formation with the altar bowl and the Shekinah flame in it. You will be responsible for the masculine. Set the tent with the Metatron stones in the center of the tent. Place the large Metatron flame on the large Metatron stone. Fill the altar bowl with 222 light sticks. Place one candle in the tent, light the candle and seal the tent. No one must enter the tent once you start. Place the Shekinah flames and the Metatron flames as I have told you leading from both formations. Place the Shekinah and Metatron flames where the feminine and the masculine formations join. Take the sand and sprinkle it out on the ground from the Metatron creating a path. Robbie will need to do the same from the altar that the paths meet in the center of the two formations making them one. You must then have a woman that would stand in the world formation alternate with you sprinkling sand to make a path back to the grand formation.

I understand what you are saying. I can see how this will tie this all together. Is there any dos or don’ts that should be observed in the world formation?


How the world formations choose to receive is up to them. You were given formations that they may stand in beyond that it is truly up to them.

Ok. I said as we rounded the corner to the espresso hut. Michael stood there and waited for me to order my mocha and Robbie’s Vanilla latté. Do you want anything I asked Michael just being polite? The woman in the hut apologized for not hearing me and asked if I wanted something else. I chuckled to myself thinking if she only knew but told her no I was just thinking out loud. I paid her and got the coffees and headed back. I looked over to Michael and said I guess you not being human you don’t know what you are missing.


You, not being an angel do not know what you are missing - he said with a smile.

That was a very good come back Michael but let’s save this for another time. What else do I need to know?


You and those that stand in formation in this place will send out the first vibrations of peace. Those that stand around the world will receive the vibration and will in turn send these vibrations to those around them. You must remember these are only the first vibrations. Yet I tell you truly the foot hold has been set. In the time to come there is more to be done that the world may all live in peace.

I kind of figured we would be doing more with this. Can you give me a hint as to what this is going to look like?


We will speak of that which may be done later. For now you will need to do that which you have come here to do.

Yeah I know we ain’t there yet. We were almost back to the hotel and the town of West Yellowstone was beginning to be about its day.


I will tell you this. The masters are becoming a powerful vibration in oneness. The Shekinah and the Metatron Flames are used with the vibration of 444 there is much that can be done.

Interestingly enough I have some Metatron flames and tuning forks on order and should get them when I get back home.


This was wise of you to do so. You are going to need them.

I do have another question about the altar stones. What do I tell the people to do with them?


Each that has a white altar stone will pass a light stick under it bringing the light over the top of the stone. They will see the new name given to them.

Are you sure this is going to work. I know as I am talking to you now some may say they didn’t any name.


The masters will see their name. Should any say to you they didn’t see a name you will say to them, “Yes you did.” Some may not think they saw yet I tell you truly they did.

Anything about where all of this is going to go I bet is for another time.


It is. Be about the work at hand and we will speak again. Be at peace and teach only love.

I don’t know if it was the same light that Michael always comes and leaves in or whether it was the reflection of the suns light bouncing of the windshield of a passing truck but Michael was gone. I crossed the street and turned to go back into the hotel.

August 25, 2008 Visit       back to top

It was 4:44 am when I was awakened to let one of our Mastiffs out. I had just closed the door when a voice asked me. Michael

Are you suffering from writers block?

No. It isn’t so much about being blocked as it is where to begin with the event. I have written it over and over but it just isn’t what I want to say.


That which you have written is more of the event from start to finish. That which the masters need to know is what has come to be from the work that was done.

I get it. You mean like with the speakers.


Yes. You cannot write the words they used for those that were not there. All that gathered with you at Yellowstone did so to set the vibrations for what was to come.

So what you are telling me is the vibrations in their words were more important than what they had to say.


Each spoke wisdom for their people of which most did not know.

That is true. I learned a great deal from them and have a better understanding of their customs and ways. Their contributions to open up the participants in relooking at what was believed to be true couldn’t have happened any other way. Out of this a great healing took place on all sides. Now I am not saying anything was settled once and for all or that we really solved the problems of cultural differences. What I am saying is there was a space created for a state of peace among us that we could step into with understanding and love.


The truth that was given by those speaking was heard in the hearts of all. You in that which you called the tower of truth meditation created a space for each to return to the past where their truth began. From this people revisit a place or event and choose that which was real.

I had a few tell me that if they experienced nothing else at the event that meditation made the Eden event worth every penny it cost. I was lucky enough to have had a film crew record the audio of it because I had some of the people there wanting to get a CD of it. This worked out great because quite frankly I don’t remember much of it.


That which you spoke in the meditation was given to you as you spoke the words. It was important for the masters to hear the speaker’s words of truth as well as entering their own tower of truth. Without that happening you could have not stepped into the dance of oneness.

Let me say this about that, getting everyone into the formation for the dance was almost as difficult as it was for the grand formation out in the field. However, once it was done it was magnificent. I watched as each circle moved in a different direction. As one circle moved I could see the energy grow and start to swirl clockwise with the people. The next group of people moved in an opposite direction and the energy they created moved with them. This happened with each circle of people. The main thing I noticed was that the energy I saw didn’t build. I expected the vibrations being created would get larger and larger. As I watched the circles move it almost looked like they were canceling each other out. In the first circle the energy would rise and the second circle would pull the energy back down and so on as it went throughout the entire formation. It looked like the energy that was being created by one group was also being uncreated by the movement of the next group. It was like going into a neutral space.


That which you call energy is not. That which you call neutral was not. Those that moved as you say clockwise were that of the masculine and those that moved counter clockwise were that of the feminine. In this movement there was a creation of a void in which each male and female created a space for oneness. The song they sang brought the vibrations of the male and female into oneness.

Seeing the movement along with the singing was astounding. There was a harmonic resonance encompassing not only the people but the whole building like a dome.


That which you speak of as a dome was more as a ball. I tell you truly that which is above is also below.

I knew the dance of oneness was important for us to do because you told me it needed to be done. You just said we created a void with the dance. My question is how did the void play a part in the rest of the event?


There are lines that run through your world, some in the earth and some above and around. This void you created opened these lines to oneness. Colleen and Iris have spoken to you of this. The void that was created with the dance of oneness and the vibration of their voices made each ready to receive that which is called the blessing.

The blessing went really well this year. The people you picked to help me in doing the blessing were just perfect. It went just like you told me. I drew the Shakti vibrations as I do before the blessing. I did as you told me to do in placing the Shakti in each person so they could pass it on. I really didn’t know what to expect when I placed in each helper. I thought they might go into the Shakti experience and if they did it would take some time before they could pass the Shakti to someone else. No one did. They each just held the Shakti without becoming overwhelmed by it. When it came time for the blessing everyone got to pick who they got the blessing from. There wasn’t any difference as far as what happened for people in receiving the blessing. The whole process took a little over an hour to give the blessing to over 444 people. If I did the blessing by myself it would have taken 8 to 10 hours. When the masters that helped me with the blessing were finished they gave the blessing to each other or received it from me. All in all it was a very powerful experience for everyone.


This also was needed to bring about that which was to come in the grand formation. As the master followed the paths of truth into the tower of truth it became possible to create of the void in the dance of oneness. This opened the way for the masters to carry the Shakti from the blessing into the grand formation. All these things set in motion that which was needed for the first vibrations of peace.

The grand formation went so much easier than it did in the past. The masters from Austin did a great job of getting everyone into their place in the formation. It did take a while to set the tent for the Metatron place in the formation. It was a nice touch to be able to set a world formation with all the extra people at this year’s event. I mean it really made everything come together rather well. We used a quilt that Kathy Reedy made to tie all three parts of the formation together. I made a path from the Metatron tent to the center and Robbie did the same from the Shekinah. A woman named Cat and I alternated spreading the dirt from the world formation back to the center where the quilt was placed. The air was almost electric as we started. The light sticks were in the altar bowl and one candle flickered in the Metatron tent. The 444 people began to sing the seven names of God as we had done before but there were new harmonics this time. We sang several other songs and did some chanting.


The harmonics of the vibrations were indeed different than before. All that the masters had done preparing to stand in the formation allowed for them to reach a purity of the harmonic vibrations that could not have been reached before.

You know Michael I had some people tell me my voice was better than ever before. I didn’t think I sounded all that good.


The harmonics created came from the heart and soul of all that shared song with voice.

Well I can tell you as the harmonic vibrations filled the air things began to happen. My attention was drawn over to the altar. I could see the purple flame of the Shekinah start to form. It wasn’t long before the Shekinah was hovering over the altar bowl. She floated down from the bowl to the ground and I watched as the purple flames looked as if the flames would consume her. I then had an urge to turn my head and look over to the tent. The candle in the tent seemed to get brighter. It grew inside the tent so brightly it lit the side of the tent so I could see all the people standing in that part of the formation. The next thing I saw were little orbs of light flying around the tent and circling the people standing there. By this time we had all stopped singing but I could hear the harmonics.


What you heard was the first vibration of peace that was called forth. The space between the Metatron and the Shekinah was the void which allowed this to be.

The next thing that happened was a flap of the tent was opened but there was no flap or opening there. I watched as a very bright light came from the tent. I couldn’t say for sure that it was in the form of a man but it was close if I had to call it something. My best guess is that the Shekinah was to my left and the Metatron was on my right.


The masters called forth the masculine and feminine aspects of creation.

I kind of figured that for myself. I looked back to my left to see the Shekinah beginning to move toward the center where I was. I looked back to the tent to see the white light of Metatron coming toward the center also. As they came closer towards the center I could feel a pressure building. I felt as if I was standing outside a big clear balloon that was growing. I wanted to move back but stood my ground because I thought that was what I needed to do. The two came across the ground to the center of the quilt where they met. When they did the white light became more of a violet and the purple flame became whiter. The next thing that I can’t explain was these two lights became gold and silver. That didn’t last but for a moment before a transformation took place and the gold and silver flowed into the star octahedron like you hold in your hand in the picture I painted of you. As the gold and silver pyramids began to spin I could see a ball start to form in the center just like the gate of grace does. From there it began to change again. First almost like a gas form and then liquid in the shape of a ball. The ball was cascading silver and gold light out onto everyone like some kind of disco ball. That is when it happened. On the side of the liquid gold and silver ball of light it began to collapse. The liquid fell to the ground and started running to the world formation. At first it was only a little stream as it moved down the path of earth we put down. As the rest of the liquid gold and silver followed it grew into a tidal wave rushing out to the world formation. Once it reached the world formation it broke into lines that shot out in all directions and I could hear the harmonic vibrations change into the sound of a gentle breeze. Soon the lines of light were gone; all except for one line - like a beacon going into the sky.


The first vibrations of peace were sent out to the world. The leaders of your world will regain their sanity.

The funny part of this was when I looked back to the altar and the tent. I could see the Shekinah pass through Robbie, lighting her up for a moment, and then rising up until she was standing above the alter and the Metatron standing at the flap of the tent. I watched as the Shekinah began to fade and quickly looked to the tent to see the Metatron enter it and the flap close. The light from both of them faded very fast and then I heard a voice that said it is done.


The masters have done what they had gathered to cause. You have done well in speaking of that which happened.

So that is it. You just stopped by to help me write this up?


No. I have come to speak with you of that which is to come. Much has been done by the masters and many are their blessings. You and they will need to make ready for the coming of the seventh bowl.

You are talking of the next Eden event. I have made a bowl as you said for each of the events. Next year is the seventh event.


The bowl that you will make will hold the wisdom which will come from the East to be carried to the West. Much will need to be done to make way for the wisdom. The masters will have need of the Metatron and the Shekinah flames and the stones to set them on. Tuning forks will be used to set vibrations that will be needed. Sacred oils will also be needed. Yet I say to you some of that which makes the sacred oils has changed. You must speak to Gary, Joanne and Robbie about the changes for making the oils. Speak to no one else of this until you have spoken to them of this.

Michael told me what changes were to be made. Given all of what Michael said I had to ask. I take it we are all going to be doing things over the year to get ready for the next Eden event?


This is true.

Ok. Lay it on me. What is it we are going to need to do?


You are making ready for your trip to Denver. When you return we will speak of that which will need to be done. I only speak to you of this now that you will have the things the masters will need. Prepare for this. Until we speak again be at peace and teach only love.

Oh one last thing before you go, we sent out the first vibrations of peace so the world leaders could return to sanity. Well there is this conflict over in Georgia and it could get ugly. Where is the sanity in that?


Some may fall from the path only to be led back to it by others.

That was all Michael had to say before he folded back in to the light and was gone. I went to let the dog back in and be about my day.

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Robbie got me up to help her bring things inside because it was raining. In my not quite awake state I told her I checked the weather online and it said no rain for the rest of the week. Well, so much for a forecast online. After everything was inside we both went back to bed. I found I was unable to fall back to sleep and thought about getting up for the day. I mulled over in my mind the attributes of getting up at 4:30 in the morning to start my day. Assuring myself there were none, staying in bed was the best thing to do. I called Robbie’s name to see if she was still awake she didn’t answer me but I did hear a voice as the room filled with light.


She sleeps. Arise and come with me for we have need to speak.

Michael walked through the closed bedroom door. I got out of bed wishing he would have stayed long enough with his light so I could see to get dressed. I found my jeans and put them on in the dark then opened the door and went into the outer room. I saw Michael standing in the gate in the office and went over to see what he was up to.


You have returned from Denver.

I have been back for almost a week now and I would have thought your visit would have been sooner.


You were still unpacking that which you took with you and caring for the thing which needed to be done. It was meaningless to visit you before you sent the last visit to the masters.

I can see why you would do that and knowing you as I do you must have a lot more to talk about.


The paths of truth are now open to the world. In the time to come you will find it important for the masters to come together in oneness to use their vibrations to bring light once again to the path.

I can totally understand this. It has been a few months since we were all together in Yellowstone. Now I don’t see this as any of what we did there as fading or lessening in any way. I have been thinking the masters do need to come together again to ramp up what we did there.


Well said. Your kind is at a turning point.

Yeah I know. We are all at the place of the two path thing once again where we get to choose which way we will be going. In order for us and the world to make the correct choice we are going to need to know which path will lead us there. By the masters and the rest of the world joining to light up the path of truth that which is untrue will be known.


This is so. There are dates on your calendar when the masters must work as one.

I am sure you are going to tell me what dates they are and how we do this.


In this month you call September on the 28th day and again in the month of October on the 12th and 26th day the masters will come into oneness. The masters will have need to do this again through the Festival of Light into the New Year. Yet I say to you that which I have given is enough for now.

So ok, all we need to be concerned about right now is just this and the next month. I am sure you will be telling me how it is going to work after that when the time comes.


This is true. On the days I have given, you and the masters will come into oneness.

I had an idea as to how we could do that. Remember the program we handed out at the event. Michael gave me a nod to let me know he did as I went on. Well I was thinking we could lay the program out flat with the drawing of the Grand formation facing up. The Metatron half would be in the East and the Shekinah would be in the West. It would be like we were all together again.


Once again you are wise in your thinking. In the center of the Shekinah formation you will place the Michael stone with the Shekinah flame on it and in the Metatron formation you will place the Metatron flame on the Metatron stone. Take you then the vibration of 222 and tune the Shekinah flame and formation. Take you then the 333 vibration to tune the Metatron flame and the formation. Burn a drop of I AM oil as you would incense. When you have done this take the vibrations of the 444 to tune the Grand formation. As you tune the Grand formation you will sing (I am, you are, we are one) nine times.

I can see how that will work. What else do I need to know?


Those that would bring others into their homes at this time will need to anoint themselves each day with oil before they come together. The oil of Michael, Christ mind, Shekinah, Metatron and Sandalphon on the day you gather in oneness.

I take it what you are saying in this is there is a five day process for the hosts. So four days out, you would use the Michael’s oil to anoint yourself. Three days out, you use the Christ mind oil. Two days out, you use the Shekinah oil. One day out, you use the Metatron oil. On the day of the get together, you would use the Sandalphon oil. I also take it you use the anointing process on the oils instruction sheet that comes with the oils?


Yes, for all but the Sandalphon oil. Before the host starts the tuning process they will place the Sandalphon oil on the soles of their feet and say ‘As a child of God I place the oil of Sandalphon that God will shower the truth on all.’

OK, I got it. However does this mean the only one to use the anointing oils is the ones hosting the get together or can anyone do it?


Anyone may do the same as the host yet I say to you those that attend may anoint themselves the day they gather in oneness.

I have some more questions. I understand about the anointing oils but what about the masters that don’t have the program with the Grand formation on it.


You had more programs printed that were not used at the Eden event; do you not?

Now that you mention it I do. We did bring the box of them back with us.


You may sell them for $5 to all who wish them. Yet you must take that which was earned from their sale and place in the fund for the next Eden event. You will need the funds in the time to come.

I think you under estimate how many Grand formations I have left. I don’t know myself but I know it isn’t all that many. By the way Robbie has been asking me how many people we will need for the next Eden event. Michael pretty much ignored my question as he went on with what he had to say.


As the masters join in oneness they will draw back to them that which they sent to the world.

I think I know where you are going with this. When you say draw back to us what we sent out at Yellowstone we light the paths of truth again. I am just wondering if what we did we only did in part. I mean just because we sent out the light and vibrations doesn’t mean it will go on forever. I think if this is going to work we need to keep it going.


You are wise in this. As the ocean tides move so does the vibrations of peace and light.

Well the moon moves the tides so I can understand that. A thought just occurred to me. I don’t know if you are doing it or if it is me but as I see it in my head, there is an ebb and flow with the tides if I am saying this correctly. So we sent the vibrations and light out and now we must create a space for those to return.


The masters are creating a space to allow the vibrations of peace and light to return. You must understand that which was called forth in Yellowstone was sent from all those that stood around the world. For that moment in time all were as one.

Hang on a minute. When you say sent out from all over the world where people joined with us in oneness at Yellowstone. I think you are leaving something out here. Tell me about the lines you talked about the last time we talked. I think there is a correlation here in the way we were all connected. Does this have anything to do with a grid?


Again you are wise to see this. Yet I say to you it is not a grid. Your kind sees things in the most simple of ways. That which your kind sees as a grid is only the most minute of that which is. When you speak of a grid you only speak of that which you can conceive of. If you truly had eyes to see you would find not a grid. You would see this as a fabric holding more than you could know.

I can appreciate what you are saying but I am just beginning to understand the lines that form what has been called a grid. I have talked to Iris a very little bit about grid lines and again with Colleen about how the lines work with her center. Not to mention I have been a little busy over the past ten years with what you have given me to do to get into grid lines. Now you are talking about it being bigger than lines. You tell me it is a fabric.


Come. I will show you of that which I speak.

I walked over to where Michael was standing in the Gate and stood next to him. I wasn’t sure of what to expect, but Michael has shown me many things in past visits. I did wonder if we were going to go somewhere this time. No sooner did that thought leave my mind when the light outside of where we were standing began to fade. There was darkness in front of us that I thought was just dark space. Suddenly the darkness began to move away from us. I couldn’t see what it was but it was moving away. I started to see what looked like - no it didn’t look like - it was stars. Stars everywhere; except in that dark space in front of us. I wondered at first if maybe it was a hole in the universe. No. Not a hole. It was a round object blocking the stars.



I saw lines begin to form across the object. The lines were white and ran from one side of it to the other. I began to see that the shape wasn’t round like a plate or a hole, but a globe. What Michael was showing me was what I have seen before as the grid or ley lines of the earth. I saw where the lines intersected each other making it appear as if at those points it was brighter. All in all he wasn’t showing me anything new except the way he was showing it to me. I can’t believe you went to all this trouble to show me these ley lines.


Look again.

I turned my attention back to the globe to see what he wanted me to. At the top of the globe I saw a violet dot and towards the bottom of the globe was a green dot. Other dots formed and I knew at once it was forming the Gate of Grace on the globe. This shrunk down to fit on the globe to where it looked like the same places the dots where in the same places were we had held past Eden events. Are these places where we held the Eden events?


These are the places where you have build the altars and set the bowls upon them. See the way of that which you do.

Turning my head back to the globe I noticed there were dots on the globe where the East and West places of the gate were but there was no color there. I watched as the Eastern dot turned blue and then the dot in the West turned blue. Next, all of the dots of the gate divided into two. Then the dots began to move from where they were towards the center of the gate. The dots formed a circle in the center of the gate just like the drawing I did of it. As soon as they came to the center lines, they began to move out from the center passing the outer colors that made up the gate. Each line was the color of the dots. Other gates formed on different places of the globe and again lines came from them circling the globe. The lines that were just the ley lines to start with had begun to mix with the lines of the gate. Then more dots began to form around the first gate. First, there was a dot in the South, then in the Southwest, then in the Northwest, the North, the Northeast, and the Southeast. As soon as the dots had all formed in their places another set of dots that looked like they were gold formed in the center. No sooner did the gold dots form then the outer dots turned silver and connected to each other with a silver line. I knew the shape the lines made when they connected as that of the Metatron symbol. Gold lines ran out from the center and silver lines ran outwards from the points of the Metatron symbol. More and more Metatron symbols started forming all over the globe creating more and more lines. It began to look like a rubber band ball made of many colors. It looked like all on the lines were intertwined or a woven together to make the globe. No sooner did this happen when it all changed again. The lines were no longer lines. They seemed to becoming gaseous like those wisps of clouds you see in the sky only in different colors. As the colors mixed together they started giving off a light. From that point on the glow of the light got brighter and brighter. I thought it was going to explode at first but it didn’t. The globe wasn’t a sun or anything like it. I looked very deeply at the globe surrounded by and emanating light. I could see it was the earth under all that light. As soon as I saw that I was back in the office standing next to Michael.


Do you know that which I have shown you?

Michael it is like I told to I am just beginning to understand the grid. This weaving of a fabric is way past my experience. I bet Jewls could understand it because she is so far out there some times.


Jewls, Iris and Colleen together could begin to make sense of that which I speak. Each has the intuition which will allow them to see this abstract weave for what it is and that which it can mean.

Good. I am sure once they hear about it they will be on it.


I tell you this that you may see the importance of that which is to be done in the time leading to the Eden event.

Ok. I will set up the coming together in oneness on the dates you talked about. I will give the fabric to those that can figure it out. Given you brought it up again. Can we talk about the Eden event?


Speak that which you will.

This is going to make Robbie happy. Let’s start with when we can hold the Eden event. We have been looking at some dates. There is more available in July than there is in June. Does it really matter if it is in July or June?


You will hold the Eden event when you have a place for it. It matters not.

Great. This gives us some leeway as to where and when. My next question is do we need more than 444 for the next event?


No. Yet I say to you the greater the number of masters - the greater the vibrations.

How many days is this event going to be and can you give me an idea what to charge for it?


You will need four days once again. You cannot set an amount until you know the cost. Do as you have done in the past to set the cost.

Ok. I get it. See what it is going to cost for the event and then divvy it up between everyone that will be there. Another thing is do we have to be exactly on the coast?


It is as you have said many times. God is very understanding. Close will work for that which needs to be done.

And what is it that needs to be done?


We will speak of this when you have a place for the Eden event. Robbie and you have seen places that could hold that which needs to be done.

Does this mean we need to go out there and look at them in person?


Yes. We will speak more of the Eden event in the time to come.

Are we done with this for now?


We are. I will give you that which is at hand. As the paths of truth hold the light and the vibrations of peace begin to move once again across the face of the world the way things have been in your world will change. As the masters gather in oneness at the times I have given you will lead them back into oneness with the words I will give you. Those that gather around the world will sit in mediation and sing with the masters (I am, you are, we are one) 9 times. They will do this 8 times (rounds) singing the words 9 times.

It looks like it is phone time for these meetings to have this thing work.


Do that which needs be done. That which has been sent will return to be sent out again to the world. You will need time and help to understand all that I have shown you. Make way for the seventh bowl and the masters to join you there. Our time is done. Be at peace and teach only love. We will speak again.

I knew he was going to be leaving in a moment so I stepped back so as not to be taken with him to wherever he was going. I watched as Michael folded into the light and he was gone. Me, on the other hand, am going back to bed but will write this visit up when I wake up. I bet this is going to start a stir among the masters. At least those that have some understanding of what this is all about. We’ll see.

September 17, 2008 Visit       back to top

Morgan’s boyfriend Juston helped me take out the broken water heater and set the new one into place. By the time we got it hooked up it was dark and I told him I would finish it up tomorrow. So today I was outside at the back of the house trying to finish putting in the new hot water heater. I found a small leak and easily fixed it by tightening a fitting. I checked for more leaks and found there were none and was just about to put the insulation on the pipes when I heard my name called.


Joe. Come we would speak with you.

I turned and looked down in the backyard where I have a full sized Gate of Grace set up. I could see Gabriel standing in the middle, glowing brightly under the shade of the trees that surrounded the gate. I walked the twenty or so paces to the gate. As I entered the shade of the trees he spoke to me.


It is time we spoke of that which you were told you would be teaching. The time is close that the ninth seal will be placed with the eight seals given by Robbie.

I was wondering how this was going to happen and when. Not to mention that I still need to know about what I am going to teach in the divine masculine class. I have been doing some research and have found some really interesting stuff. I could teach the divine masculine class with what I have but I think something is missing.


Come. We will give that which you have needed to know.

The inside of the gate started glowing with light. The next thing I knew is we were standing in some kind of white void.


Do not speak.

By Gabriel saying that he tipped me off to where we were going and to who we would be seeing. Just like the last time there seemed to be a line or a split the whiteness that was before us. I watched as the parting of the whiteness revealed a path. We walked down the path that led to a stone that was a much larger form of the Michael stone. Gabriel moved ahead of me and stood in the middle of the big stone on the path.


"Stand with me" he said as he looked back at me.

I walked up to where he was and took my place next to him. Gabriel raised his arm and pointed to the tent that lay before us. I know from other visits this was the tent of Metatron. The flaps of the tent were open and there was a brighter light coming from inside the tent than the bright light we were standing in outside the tent. The figure of light moved from the inside to the opening of the tent. At this point I don’t know if he was talking or I was just hearing a voice in my head.


I place in your mind that which you will teach of. These things must be understood by your kind before they receive the ninth seal. Open your mind that you may hear these truths.

I cleared my mind of what thinking I could. It took me a few moments to get past thinking what if I can’t open my mind enough to get what he was giving me. As my mind opened it started to fill with images of those that were thought to be gods throughout history. Some of them I recognized from books I have read in the past, others I didn’t. The thing that amazed me was as Metatron loaded my mind, I began to become aware not so much about what was believed about them as much as what they stood for. As Metatron finished telling me or showing me I had an epiphany. It became very clear to me just what the divine masculine was. The things I had researched did have their place, but this was all far more than I thought it would be. I can see now why the angels had wanted us to know what the divine masculine was all about. I can see how this could change our behavior and how we show up to each other and the world.


Go now. Gabriel will teach you the ways of the seal.

The Metatron returned to the tent and the flaps folded close.


Return with me now.

Gabriel turned and headed back down the path from where we started. I followed him until he came to a stop. I figured this is where we started because everything looked the same to me. It was all white to me no matter which direction I looked. In just a few moments the whiteness started to dissipate and I could see the trees coming into view. We stood in the gate and I was wondering where he was going to go with what he had to say next.


You were told of the ninth seal in that it would open the way for the teachings of the divine feminine as Robbie teaches. Yet I say to you those that have received the eight seals from Robbie will seek the ninth seal though they will not teach. Others will think because they have received the ninth seal they are ready to teach. The ninth seal may be given in two ways. You know the way it is given to those that would teach. You do not know of the other way in which it is given.

I thought it was only going to be given to the ones that wanted to teach the divine feminine.


The ninth seal that you and Robbie give as one will open the way for the teaching. Yet I say to you they must first learn from Robbie to teach that which she teaches.

I understand that. I remember that Robbie has to teach them to teach the class. I have attended her classes and I know what the seals are but I doubt I could teach the class like Robbie.


Robbie received from the Shekinah not only the seals but also the vibrations that are called forth as she teaches. One must learn to teach as she does.

In other words, one class and nine seals does not a teacher make.


You are wise in this. When one has learned to teach as Robbie they will be ready for both halves of the ninth seal. Only then will they be ready to teach and offer the seals.

So what do I do? I mean, do I hold off on teaching the divine masculine class until people have learned to teach the class? There really isn’t much use of me teaching anything until people are ready to teach is there?


There is need of that which you will teach. That which was done at the Eden event makes necessary the coming of that which you will teach.

Really! How so?


For years the tree of life has grown. Do you not see how the formation has changed?

I do. The last formation we used in Yellowstone goes way beyond the first formation we used at the first Eden event.


The time has come that more trees will have to spring from the roots of the first.

OK. Now you are getting me confused. Are you talking about the first gathering and what has taken place up to now?


I am. From the first gathering there were seven new masters that could gather. You were charged to gather seven times. In these times you learned the way the gatherings were to evolve into that which is now. You were told the masters could only host four gatherings as a servant.

I remember that and we even came up with a script to help others gather. That was done so more masters could be servants rather than only a few hosting all the gatherings. It was also about empowering other masters to have their own gatherings.


The time is at hand for others to do as you have done plus one.

I am very curious to see what you are saying and how this is going to work out.


I shall show you. Walk with me.

Gabriel and I walked outside the gate and stood maybe ten feet away from the post that the blue stone stood on in the East. I could see all the posts with the different stones on them. Yeah, I thought to myself, I did do a good job setting up this gate. I stood there admiring the way it looked when I saw the star octahedron form. "I have seen this before Gabriel and I know how it works." No sooner did I get those words out of my mouth when other gates started adding themselves to the gate. I remembered seeing this too as more and more gates kept adding themselves and watched the tree grow upwards. Gabriel you are showing me things I have been through a few times before. Are you giving me a refresher course on how the gate is related to the masters and the gatherings?


I give you now the evolution of that which has grown. Look to the bottom of the star.

I did as he asked and noticed the gate of grace beginning to sink downwards. It wasn’t like it was going into the ground as much as an opening in the ground was allowing this to happen. The gate was still being added to by other gates and looking more and more like a tree. I remembered back to the time when there were so few gatherings done this tree looked like a small bush and now look at what the masters have created with all the gatherings they have done. My attention was drawn down to the opening where the first gate was. From the point of the octahedron that points down I saw what looked like a bolt of lightning making its way down into the earth. I saw little veins of light coming off the bolt to fill in the opening. Each little vein that was attached to the bolt of light had two ends. One end ran around in the opening and the other end ran up to the bottom of the pyramid that points up. Gabriel all those veins of light in the hole look like a root ball of a tree.


This is a wise way of seeing that you may understand. Look up to the tree.

I did as he said. I could see all of the gates that made up the tree.


Look now to your hand.

I raised my hand palm up and looked to see what Gabriel wanted me to. I watched as my half of the ninth seal formed in it.


Look into the tree.

I looked back to all the branches of the tree and began to notice something. I could very clearly see where each gate was connected. If you were to look at the whole tree, made up of all the gates, indeed it did look like a tree. However, if you looked at individual gates you could follow the line from where each gate joined others. I began to see some gates that had four other branches of gates coming from them. I knew there was something important about these because they were more predominate than any of the others gates. I see what you are wanting me to see Gabriel but where is this going?


Close your hand and extend your thumb as you do in giving the Blessing.

I did as he told me to do.


Release your part of the ninth seal through your thumb to each of the gates you see holding four.

I did again as he said. From the end of my thumb there was a ball of light containing my part of the ninth seal. I could see the ball of light move to the first gate containing four branches. As it entered the gate another line of light came out of it heading downward. I watched as it wrapped around the tree slowly down to where the veins of light were at the bottom of the pyramid.


Again send the seal.

Once more I sent the seal from my thumb. I did it again and again until it was as if these balls of light looked like fireflies circling the tree. As they attached themselves to the gates new lines of light began to coil down to the veins at the base. More and more lines continued to form until the entire tree and branches were covered with white lines that looked like bark on a tree. I followed the lines back down to what I saw as a root ball. I could distinctly tell which line came from which gate of the tree. From the root ball new lines of light ran out to the side of the first gate and began to form new gates. From these new gates other gates formed. I watched more and more gates being added until I could see these started to look like the beginnings of new trees coming out of the root ball of the first tree.


What is it you have learned from that which has been shown to you?

From what you have said and shown me I think I have a good idea. From what I have seen so far it looks like there are some masters that can do more gatherings than only four. As I see it now those that have done four gatherings, provided they take the divine masculine class and receive the half of the seal that I can give, can do more gatherings. You also said they can do as many as I did plus one more. To me that means they are open to do four more gatherings.


This is so. Yet there is more to this that you do not understand. The lines of light that you see circling the tree is as the bark of a tree that give it strength. It is these lines of light that binds the gatherings together. Those which you see at the base growing from the root are the start of new trees. Those that have been a servant for four gatherings see the importance of the work you do. Once they are aware of the grace of the divine masculine working with the divine feminine they will hold the vibrations of the seal you will place within them. It is for this reason four more gatherings may be done by them.

So in other words we as masters are starting to grow a forest of new gatherings. I can’t wait to tell people about this. I know of a few that were disappointed they could only do four gatherings.


This is so. Yet you will not speak of this to the masters until the vibrations are again sent out to the world.

I can hold onto this until after then. You have given me a lot to think about. Mainly the information from the Metatron is going to be an eye opener for people.


I see you are unsure of that which you were given. In the time to come this will become clear to you. Our time is done for now. Be at peace and teach only love. That which you see as troublesome in your world is only the ending of that which has been. Remember you that something wonderful is about to happen.

Gabriel started to fold back into the light but before he was gone I said I have more questions about all of this. The glowing ball of light was almost gone when Gabriel spoke one last time.


Questions are the way of your kind. When your kind will open themselves to the way of faith they will see the answers in the questions.

With that Gabriel was gone. I walked back to the house to finish working but couldn’t help wondering what he meant. Was he talking to me or was he talking to us all.

December 21 Process       back to top

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving I said to myself as I closed my eyes for sleep.


Awaken for I would speak with you.

Why did you wait for me to get into bed and close my eyes? You could have just come when I turned off the lights in the office before I went to bed.


You have been sleeping for hours. Come.

Michael walked through the door on his way to the office taking the light he gave off with him. I got out of bed in the dark grabbed my jeans off the dresser and put them on. I opened the door and went to the office. As I passed the stove in the kitchen I glanced at it to see what time it was. The time was 4:44 in the morning so I guess I did get some sleep after all. I reached the office to find Michael standing in the gate. As I approached Michael he spoke.


You have that which was given to make the oil for the return of the light of wisdom.

I do and just like you told me I haven’t said anything to anybody about it. I have been thinking about what you call it. The return of the light of truth and the vibrations of peace is a little long to put on a label. Given we are starting to do this process at this time of year I have come up with a name that I think is rather fitting. I want to call it Novus Invicta because it is a birth of the sun or light as it applies to us in what we are doing.


The name is wise of you to think of.

I thought it was a good choice of names. You did say you would tell me how we are going to use it on the 21st.


It is time once again to call forth the masters of the innermost light. They will be as the source of the light of wisdom. They will be the points of the light from which wisdom flows. They send out to the world the light of wisdom with the vibrations of peace and the light of truth. Each of these masters will use the Festival of Light oil with that which you have called the Novus Invicta oil and a white candle.

Is this to be done by only the masters of light?


This is to be done by all that would join in oneness.

So then this can be done by any of the people that brought in and sent out the vibrations of peace and the light of truth? Now tell me how this is going to happen because there is a lot to be done.


This is so for any may join in oneness. Begin with placing on the grand formation my stone (the Michael stone) with the Shekinah flame on it in the west. Place the Metatron stone with the Metatron flame on it in the east. Burn the oil of the I AM and each will then anoint themselves with oils before they start. The festival of light oil will be placed on the heart. Each will say "I open my heart to the light of Joy." Each will then anoint themselves with the Novus Invicta oil on their crown and say "I place this oil that my mind may become a beacon of the light of wisdom." They will then light the white candle. You will tune the place of the Shekinah to the vibration of 222Hz and the place of the Metatron to 333Hz. When you have done this seal the space with the vibration of 444Hz. You will sing "I am, you are, we are one" facing the grand formation 9 times. You will then turn out to the world saying "As a child of God I send the vibrations of peace and the light of truth out to the world" by pushing outwards with the palms of your hands. You will do this 8 times. When you have done this the last time you will say "As a child of God I bring the light of divine wisdom through me out to the world". Upon saying this each will take up the candle and blow its light out to the world.

The only thing that is different is the anointing with oils and sending out the light of wisdom. The Novus oil we are using for the light of wisdom is pretty cool but you never went into how this new oil works.


Joe. You must see the light of wisdom has very little to do with what you think you know. This oil is made that the vibration of wisdoms light may shine within you. This oil stills the ego that the mind may grow in divine wisdom.

I can understand that. I think when you say ego you aren’t talking so much about the arrogance aspect of the word as you are about someone’s mind getting in the way. I can also see where this oil could be used with other oils. I mean regardless which of the oils somebody used if you add wisdom to the properties of the oil it could really magnify the effect.


This is so. You and the masters will be using this oil many times before you gather at the Eden event to come.

Ok then. I think I am all set with this. I do, however, have a question about the ninth seal. Robbie and I have a difference about who can get the half seal. She thinks you said it is only for those that have taken the Shekinah class and gotten the eight seals. I, on the other hand, am not sure that is what you said. We have both read what you said but each of us read it differently. So my question is this. Just who is eligible to receive the half of the ninth seal?


Robbie speaks true of the masters that have received the eight seals. Yet there are others that may receive half of the ninth seal.

I knew that there were others that could get the seal.


You would think that any master that has served with 4 gatherings may receive the half of the ninth seal. Yet this is not so. I tell you truly the masters of the inner most light which have been the servant of 4 gatherings may receive half of the ninth seal also.

That makes sense to me. They are at a vibration which can hold the half of the seal.


They do more than hold the vibrations. The masters of the innermost light are able to use the vibrations that they may gather 4 more times.

I guess that means that we are both right.


It means you are both correct.

Thanks for clearing that up. I do have something else. Gary is working on something that Jewls told him about and it has to do with some of the frequencies of the forks you had me make.


Gary will figure out with his math that which is inspiring his mind.

I know Gary and once he gets a hold of something he is going to take it to its end result. Jewls is pretty much the same way. We have talked about it and I didn’t know what to tell him or Jewls. I didn’t know what all I could say. I guess what I am asking is does this have anything to do with what you showed me and told me not to a talk about.


No. That which we have spoken will lead in another direction.

Ok cool. I was just wondering given they both used kind of used some of the same frequencies.


Our time is done for now.

Hang on a minute. I need to know one more thing.


You will charge for the Novus Invicta oil as you would for the I am oils according to that which it costs you to make.

There you go again reading my mind.


Be at peace and teach only love.

I watched Michael fold into the light that surrounded him and he was gone. I was left standing there in the darkness wondering if I should even bother going back to bed. I had no idea how long this visit had taken. I walked back into the kitchen to see what time it was. I looked over to the clock on the stove and saw it was 4:51am. I was surprised to see that it only took seven minutes for this visit. I am going back to bed I thought to myself and did just that.


  Angel Visits 2008  

Archangel Michael 


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