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Angel Visit, July 12, 2017    pdf version

Michael… Arise, oh child of light for it is time to speak again.

Upon hearing Michaels voice calling me, I woke up and opened my eyes to see him standing at the foot of my bed. His light filled the room so I could see well enough to get out of bed and grab my jeans. As I put them on he left the room, leaving it dark once more. I entered the bedroom and headed through the kitchen towards the office. By this time, Michael was already standing in the Gate of Grace and as I approached, he spoke again.

Michael… Blessed are all of the masters that stood with you in the grand formation and were anointed with the sacred oil of the Divine Masculine. Their vibrations have been raised to the highest frequency that allows it to be transferred to those around them.

I am glad you brought that up. As you know we didn’t hit the number of 222 that you Angels called for. I bottled up the oils and have a lot left over, so what do I do with it? Just save it until next year? Offer it for sale now?

Michael… The Divine Light oil as you have come to call it, was a gift of the harmonics of the Divine Masculine for those that stood in the formation. The oil that was used at the conference absorbed the blessing of the Divine Masculine when the masters called in the blessing from the Metatron. For those that did not stand in the formation, they can still use this oil. True, it will not be as powerful as with those that did, yet it is still very powerful with the blessing of the Divine and may be used in the same way as those from the formation do. When they apply the Divine Light oil they will receive the gifts of the Divine Masculine blessing. When they carry this vibration they will also give off the Divine Masculine energy to others. It will not be as powerful as if they stood in the formation, yet it will be truly powerful on its own, both for those using it as well as those they come in contact with.

This is good to know. I will get the oil up on the webpage. Now let’s talk about next years conference. I am waiting for proposals from a number of hotels. The location is Dallas, Texas, pretty much in the middle of the United States so everyone should find it pretty easy to get there. As soon as I get the bids in I will be able to pick a hotel. The really good thing is they have what is called DART, which stands for Dallas Area Rapid Transit and it only costs like $2.50 to get you from the airport to the hotel. Some of the hotels I’m looking at are right across the street from the DART station and the other ones are within walking distance. At another hotel they will come pick you up with their shuttle from the DART station. The dates that I am looking at are June 13, 14, 15 and 16. People can start arriving on the 12th. I am also going to do an early bird special this year to help getting a deposit for the hotel. However this year I’m only going to run the $200 dollar early bird special for as long as it takes to come up with the deposit. I figure if I find the hotel early and firm up the dates, people can start making plans to be there.

Michael… It is wise of you to start early. Anything that you can do in order to have 222 Masters standing in formation is helpful. Let us speak of the number. The angelic realm has asked you to bring about the number 222 Masters to stand in formation. This is not some random number that was just made. This is a sacred number that creates the harmonics of a vibrational frequency that opens the way for much to be created. As I told you before, there is only so much that we in the Angelic realm can do to affect your world. Your kind must realize that when we bind the vibration of your kind and ours it creates a harmonic that opens up the Universe from what is to what can be.

Our kind continues to give your kind an opportunity to change all of the things in your world that are not working. Over the past three years, your kind was given the opportunity to change your world three times. Each of these times the number we ask for fell short. True, those that gathered with you in the formation made a difference. yet the vibrations were not high enough to make the difference that could have been made. Once again with the coming together of the Metatron and the Shekinah, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine joining in oneness creates an opportunity to change the world once more. As I have said, our kind is doing all we can to help your kind, yet many are called but few have answered. You have over 4000 masters that have been gathered and our kind call upon them to have 222 masters standing in the formation this coming year. I tell you truly, this opportunity will not come again.

I am doing what I can to get a place that will work. I’m expecting proposals from hotels by this coming weekend. So once I get those I can go over what they’re offering, how much it’s going to cost for rooms and everything else so I can get that up on the webpage.

Michael… You have much to do to make ready for the next conference. Return now to your slumber that you may be rested. We will speak again and until we do be at peace and teach only love.

In no time at all Michael folded back into the light and was gone. When he was gone I figured I would take his advice and go back to bed for a few hours. As I lay down on my bed, my last thought was about writing about this visit when I wake up.

Angel Visit, May 31, 2017    pdf version

I woke up this morning with plans to write up a newsletter. As usual, I started my morning ritual by walking over to the coffee machine and making myself a nice, fresh cup of coffee. As soon as it was done I took it over to the ice box and got out the half-and-half to put in the coffee. As I poured the half-and-half into my cup, I heard a voice on my left saying it is time for us to speak. I glanced over and sure enough, Michael was standing in the gate of Grace in my office.

Michael: We have much to speak of. I have things I must teach you for your conference this year.

Well that's good. I have a lot I want to talk to you about too. So let's get started with what I have to say and the questions that I need answered. How about we start off with what I see as the big picture in the world today. I see a lot of leaders of different countries who really don't care about the people or their well-being. The only thing these leaders are concerned with is their own self-importance and the power they wield. It seems to me they're spending all of their time exerting their power and finding a way to get more, and as long as we're talking about more, let's talk about riches.

I just have to ask myself, when it comes to riches how much is enough? It's as though these leaders don't get it about being responsible for the people they're supposed to take care of. I think they have forgotten that as a leader, when you are put in a position of power you are there to serve the people, not to have the people serve you. This whole thing about the masculine energy has gotten totally out of hand.

Michael: This is the way of the masculine energy, it is not in balance or harmony with all that is around it. It is as that old saying of your kind, "Those who die with the most toys wins." The masculine defines itself by how much it has in riches and in power. This is the reason for your conference this year, to bring in the energy of the Divine masculine. The Divine masculine would bring about harmony. You were asked to gather 222 masters to stand in the Grand formation to bring in the energy of the Divine masculine.

I know that you've made that perfectly clear. However, given the way things are going I don't think that's going to happen. Now given that I really don't think we're going to have the numbers you asked for, my question is will this do any good? You told me we needed 222 people standing in the grand formation. If we don't have that are we going to be able to bring in the blessing of the Divine masculine?

Michael: Joe, you will be calling in the blessing of the Divine masculine, 222 masters standing with you in the Grand formation would bring about a mighty result. Should you have less, the energy of this Divine masculine blessing that you send out to the world will not be as strong. However I tell you truly, those that stand with you in the Grand formation will gather as much of the Divine masculine blessing as though there were 222 Masters. If you remember, you were told those that stand closest to the fire gather most of the warmth. The Divine masculine energy at the conference will enter the minds and hearts of those standing with you and cannot enter those that are not. When you send it out to the world it will be sucked up like water to a dry sponge. This is the water of compassion and unconditional love going out to the world. Yet for the most part, the sponge will still be dry without the 222 masters. Those that stand in the Grand formation will gather enough to take it out to all they come in contact with.

Maybe we won't have enough to change the entire world, but we can change the lives of all those around us. That still sounds like a good reason to be here. I know some people that could use some compassion and unconditional love in their lives. It is nice to know that we masters can change the lives of others just by being in their presence. I don't know how many people we will have there but I only hope we can get enough to make a big difference, even if we don't hit the 222 standing in the Grand formation. 

Michael: It is no longer in your hands. You will need to work with the number that will stand with you in the Grand formation. Let us speak of the Grand formation. In the order to bring in the blessing and the energy of the Divine masculine you will have to change the formation this year. I could tell you the way of that, however it would be confusing to you. Let me show you the way of how the formation will need to be set this year. 

Michael started by creating a little Gate of Grace on the floor that was made out of light. The lines of the gate were made out of lines of white light. Next he started to add the colored lights that were placed in the Gate according to their color. Then he started making the Tree of Life connecting it to the Gate of Grace. Once all the lines were laid, he started adding all of the circles representing the Sefirot. This was kind of amazing because each of the circles showed up in the colors that they are represented by. Once he was finished and I looked at what was laid out on the floor, it looked pretty much like the formation we used last year. Michael then pointed to the last circle at the bottom of the Tree of Life. Once again he started drawing lines in light. He drew the six sides of the Metatron symbol and added a circle to each point of the Metatron symbol. When he finished he spoke to me of the placement of people.

Michael: I will give you now the way to call in the blessing. That which I give you now will not be used until you are at the conference.

It took a little bit of time for me to get it down right and when I did Michael spoke again.

Michael: You have done all you can. The rest is up to the masters. Our time is done for now. Be at peace and teach only love.

I watched the formation that Michael created to teach the set it up fade away. Next I watched Michael fade into the light and once again he was gone. I guess there isn't anything left for me to say. EXCEPT. I will see you at the conference.

Bless Your Hearts,

Angel Visit, March 23, 2017   pdf version

I went to the hardware store this morning because I thought I needed a battery charger. I needed to start my lawn tractor so I could cut the backyard but the lawn tractor wouldn’t start. I figured the battery was dead but did you know that if you have the tractor in reverse it won’t start? Oh well, I needed a new battery charger anyway. After my hardware run, I got out of the car, came in through the back door of the office and was surprised to see Michael standing in the gate waiting for me. There was a glow that made the room completely white.

Michael… it is time for the making of the Divine Masculine oil. Bring me a jar that’s large enough to hold 222 mls of oil.

Well I know that’s almost 8 ounces of oil so I went into the kitchen and under the cabinet I found a jar that would probably hold that much oil. I returned to the office with the jar in my hand and held it out.

Michael… Go to your oil case and bring Frankincense, Myrrh, Angelica and Amyris oils.

Michael removed the lid to the jar as I walked over to get the oil he asked for. I placed each of the oils on the desk and waited to see what happened next. Michael handed me the empty jar and the lid. He then reached down and picked up the Frankincense oil and poured it into the jar I was holding. He set that bottle down and picked up the bottle of Myrrh and poured it into the jar. He then picked up in the bottle of Amyris oil and poured that into the jar. Last he picked up the Angelica oil and poured that into the jar along with the other oils.

Now I’ve worked with a lot of bottles of oil over the years and I am a pretty good judge of how much oil is in the bottle or a jar and there was no way there was enough oil in that jar to come close to the 8 ounces I would need. I was about ready to tell him so when he put the lid back on the jar and told me to follow him.

I watched as the light that was surrounding him started to fill the entire room and once again everything was completely white. I also saw a vertical line that ran from the floor up to the ceiling start to split and open as glowing path. Given this wasn’t my first rodeo, I knew we would probably be going to the tent of Metatron.

As Michael and I walked down the path, I glanced over to see the oil in the jar and wondered what we were going to do with that. As I looked down the path I could see a tent glowing with a brilliant light and I knew that inside was the Metatron. When we arrived at the tent Michael handed me the jar and told me to wait as he entered the tent. As I stood outside the opening of the tent, I could see the white light that filled the interior begin to shimmer. Next I noticed that the bright white light had begun to turn gold in color. When I say gold in color I’m talking about it was as if there was something inside made out of gold that was reflecting the light. There was also a humming as though it was coming from a tuning fork or maybe it was just a vibration that I was hearing. I don’t know how long I stood outside the tent waiting for Michael. Soon Michael came out of the tent holding in his hand what looked like a small glass pitcher. The pitcher itself appeared to be clear however what was inside the pitcher looked like liquid gold light. As I looked at the pitcher in Michael’s hands it reminded me of one of those old paintings where someone was holding a candle or lamp and you could see the light emanating from it. The further away from the pitcher the less light there was.

Michael… Remove the lid and step forward.

I did as Michael told me to do and he stepped forward with the pitcher in his hands. As I held the jar, Michael started pouring the liquid golden light into the jar I was holding. It was really cool to watch the light mix with the darker oil, turning it to almost honey. From the pitcher, Michael poured enough of this golden light oil to pretty much fill the jar. I thought, “Now this is more than enough oil to fill all of the 222 small bottles.” When Michael was finished pouring in the oil he turned and returned it to the tent. He wasn’t in there very long before he came back out and told me.

Michael… It is time to return to your office.

Michael and I walked back down the path without talking to one another. I could see the inside of my office as we got closer. Soon we were back in the office and Michael spoke again.

Michael… The oil has been made. This oil will be used when you gather this year in Denver.

Cool. What was it in the pitcher you poured into the jar?

Michael… It was the Divine Light oil from the Metatron.

Well at least now I know what to call it. Tell me how long will it glow.

Michael… The glow will be gone in less than an hour of your time. I see you have all that you need to make your number of 222 bottles.

Yes and I have Dianne coming from Florida to pour the oil for me so very little will be spilled. She is a big help in getting the Conference ready and packed. When it is time to go to the Conference all I have to do is load up the suburban and I am off. I have the flames that the Shekinah and Metatron transformed to the highest vibrational frequency to help us with our work. I just love to watch as Shekinah changes the amethyst flames from a solid crystal to a liquid flame and then a gaseous flame and then back again into a solid crystal. My favorite part is when the amethyst flame is transformed to a gas because it looks like purple and violet fire.

Michael… Yes and I will teach you how to use the flames and the Divine Light oil together. You will teach this at the Conference to those that are there. I will instruct you in this before you leave for the Conference. It will need to be fresh in your mind when you teach.

Well I can’t wait for you to tell me what it is that I’m going to be teaching. I know this is going to be a wonderful Conference. I have a really great bunch of speakers that will be teaching at this year’s conference. I have a lot to teach this year also and now you’re giving me something new. Also this year I have some first-time vendors coming new things to offer this year along with all the offerings from last year. I’ve been making a list of what tuning forks to resupply so that I have plenty of those at the conference. Also I’m looking at what oils I’m going to need to pour up so that I will have a full stock of the sacred oils. We’re doing pretty well with registrations so far this year and we’re at 72 right now - more than we had last year at this time. Plus we should be picking up a bunch more registrations before the 15th of April when the price of the Conference goes up from $225 to $250.

Michael… You have done well and you’re planning is sound. Our time is done for now yet we will speak again. Until that time be at peace and teach only love.

As with all of the visits before, Michael faded back into the light and was gone. For me, this has been a very interesting day because I hadn’t anticipated visiting the Metatron tent. As I look over to the desk to where the Divine Light oil was sitting I can see that it was no longer glowing. So now I have some things to do to get ready to finish my day. I need to write up this visit and get ready for Gabby because she’s coming over to spend some time with me. So with that I’ll close by saying bless your hearts.


Archangel Michael


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