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May 28, 2018 Visit

Here I was with the house all to myself so I decided it would probably be a good time to start a newsletter. As soon as I got on the computer and pulled up a file to begin, I heard my name called from the office. I knew exactly what that was about. Michael had come for a visit, given we are as close to the conference as we are. I got up off the couch and headed to the office. As I rounded the corner I could see Michael standing in the center of the Gate of Grace. Even though the sun was shining into the house, Michael’s light still out shown the light from outside. As I approached the Gate of Grace with Michael standing in it, I told him I had expected to see him earlier. He just cast his gaze in my direction and spoke.

Michael… It is time for us to speak for soon you will gather in Dallas. I know you are troubled with the numbers that have registered to be there. Do not concern yourself with this. You’re kind was given an opportunity to change the course of the chaos in the world. Our kind has done and are doing everything we are allowed to do to make this so. Yet you must realize you’re kind has free will and can bring about what they desire. You were given a number that was large enough to raise the vibration that is needed. If they find no value in this, so be it. Yet I tell you truly, the number for this is not that important. Those that stand with you will bring about a change. It may not be the larger change you were hoping for, yet one will come about.

I thought that was the whole reason for the conference this year. I kind of feel like if we can’t get the number, why bother.

Michael… Did you not hear the things I have given? Should it only have been about the number I would not have given you so much for the masters. It is not the number alone that can bring about such a change. It is the masters that will have the power to do this. You are to bring about the space for the marriage of the divine masculine and divine feminine. When you bring these two vibrations together in oneness you create balance. You have speakers to teach of this with you. No master will walk away from the conference this year whose life will be unchanged. The masters have been coming to the conference for years and each time their vibrations grow. When new masters come their vibrations are raised to the vibrations of the masters that have come year after year. In this time, the masters at the conference are ready to receive the highest vibrations that have yet been given to your kind.

Okay Michael, I have some questions and some comments to make so that I know that I am clear on what you are saying. With all of these things you’ve given me to do at the conference this year, I do see that it’s more than just having 222 people there. Okay, so as I see it, the number of people you gave us is the number needed to be able to use all of the vibrations we will receive at the Conference in order to change the world. I guess you could say it’s kind of a byproduct of the Conference. Now even if we don’t get the number, we’re still going to be able to create something new. It may not go out to the entire world but it’s not like nothing will happen.

Michael… This is so.

With what you’ve given me we will also be doing the marriage of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. The ceremony you’ve given me to perform at the conference is really cool. I’m sure everyone will want to be there for it. When this happens the masters will also receive balance in their lives and be in a whole new place in their lives. I think with this balance they will make fewer mistakes because their minds and thinking will become clear.

Michael… This is also true. Old considerations and ways of thinking will begin to melt away, opening the way to create the life they truly desire.

As you suggested, I have speakers on the first day that will be teaching new concepts. This will open them up to receive and use higher vibrations that Gary, Regina and myself will be offering. Gary will be speaking on both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. He will also speak about the Divine Marriage. Together, Gary and Regina will also teach of the Seat of Mercy and show people how to create one. Once the seats are set up, people will be able to use them at the conference and raise their vibration. I will be teaching about the Tree of Life and how to use the Sefirah in the Tree of Life. Through teaching this, I will be able to bring them to the Sefirot that is hidden or secret known as the Da’ath, which is referred to as the energy of creation, the beginning of all things in our physical world. I will also be giving the blessing this year, which is a pre-requisite to entering the Da’ath. All I need to do now is to see how many will attend in order to design the Grand Formation. Also a dress rehearsal is needed to make sure that everyone will fit in the formation.

Michael… From what you’ve said you have everything planned out quite well.

I have put a lot of work in this to make it happen. I have also had good help from the conference committee working in the background. I know your Angels will send them many blessings and I know those in attendance will make many bricks for their mansion. I would like to think it’s all down hill from here and it will get easier but I know better. I am been doing this long enough to know that no matter how well I have it planned out, something is going to go wrong and there is going to be a breakdown. And whenever there is a breakdown it just has to be handled, so for me the work begins a couple of days before the conference and doesn’t end until the day after the conference. So tell me again, why am I doing this?

Michael… You are doing this because you choose to. Our time is done for now. We will be with you at the conference, so from now until then, be at peace and teach only love. I just stood there, looking at Michael surrounded in the ball of light. I must say he looks so magnificent and definitely inspires awe to behold him. I continued the watch as he began to fade and folded back into the light. He was gone but he did leave me with some good information that I am now imparting to you.

Bless your hearts and I’ll see you at the conference.

Angelic Visit  February 24, 2018  
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It was late at night when I was awakened by the sound of Michael’s voice.
Michael… Arise for we have a need to speak.
I got up, put my jeans on and headed to my Gate of Grace in the office where Michael was already standing, waiting for me. No matter how many times I see Michael, I just can’t get over how magnificent he looks. There is always this light that emanates from him and fills the room. For that matter, it’s the same way for all the angels. Granted, I'm not as overwhelmed as the first time I saw him, he is still a sight to behold.
Michael… We have much to speak of. There is much that needs to be done for the conference this year.
That's good, because a lot has happened that I want to talk to you about.  Let me start off with telling you what’s been happening so far. As far as registration goes for the conference, we have 61 people already registered, so that's pretty good for this early date. If we keep going at this rate we're going to get the number. So that's where we are at this moment. Now let me tell you what else is going on. I have some great speakers this year. Dana Camp is going to speak about numerology. She's very knowledgeable and is a very fun person. I thought it would be good to open the conference with something different.
The next speaker I want to talk to you about is someone people have been asking about for years and when she would be speaking. I'm sure you remember when you told me the reason we eat meat is because we don't know how to feed ourselves. Well, Gabby is going to teach us how to feed ourselves.

Regina Madsen will be doing a process using what I think is called The Seat of Mercy. She's planning on setting up eight seats and we will leave them up throughout the conference so people can experience them. This process is about  raising the vibrations of everyone that sits in one of the seats.

Next, Gary Hardin is joining us this year to teach. When Gary and I teach together, something magical happens and the conference will take on a whole new dynamic. Gary is going to teach about the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. He will also teach about the Divine Marriage, putting it all together so we will understand how it works. We have also looked at teaching the binding of your kind with ours, the Angelic and human. Gary will also be speaking about the Seat of Mercy and Regina will teach us all how to use it. They will also share stories about people’s experiences with the Seat of Mercy.
We will be doing gatherings for those that have not been gathered yet so they can participate in the Grand Gathering on the last night of the conference.  As soon as you teach me how to do the Da'at process and what to do with it, I'll be set to go. 
Prior to the conference in March, Gary will be doing a global meditation to raise vibrations and help with more people coming to the conference.
Michael…You have done much to set the vibrations for the conference. It is fitting to have Dana to open as a speaker for what she teaches will open minds to other ways of thinking and other possibilities. When I said that your kind has not yet learned to feed themselves, it was said so that many would start to learn. Gabrayel will open the thinking of another way to eat. She will do well. All is in Divine Order.
Did you think the coming together of you and Gary after 5 years is just a coincidence? Do you believe that the coming together of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine at this time for the Divine Marriage is a trifle happening? Our kind has come together to help your kind bring about a shift in the vibrations of your world. We are setting all things in place to bring this about. It is now up to the masters to join together in the number you were given. 
I do need to speak with you about the binding of your kind with ours this year at the conference. You will not have the time to do this. It is not just about asking as much where your kind is asking from. You would need two days just to get ready to ask. We will speak of this after the conference.

Well that makes sense to me given as much as we have to do this year. And speaking of what we have to do this year, you need to explain and teach me what to speak about.
Michael… You will need at least 10 masters to become gatekeepers of the Da’at. They will be taught to open the way for the Da’at. They will help each master create the space for the Da’at to come into being. After they do this at the conference they will be able to do this with others after the conference. It will take you two days to train them so they can do what is needed. I will also teach you how this process is to be done at the Grand Gathering. Come with me and we will begin. You will not speak of that which I will teach you.
With that being said, Michael turned around and as he did the entire office turned white. In front of Michael a line seemed to run from where the ceiling was to the floor. This line began to get wider and wider and it was no longer a line as much as it was an opening. In that opening I could kind of see around Michael and he was standing on what looked like a path on the ground. Michael started walking down the path and I went with him. Way down the path there seem to be what looked like a globe. The closer we got to it the bigger it became. The globe was pitch black in color and I couldn’t really tell whether it was solid or just a shell.  As we got closer it seemed like I could see through it even though it was black. It was clearly a black sphere. Michael walked into the sphere and I followed him.
Here comes the part that I can’t talk about but I will tell you this. It took what seemed like hours of listening to Michael as he taught me what I needed to know. When we were finished, Michael and I both left the globe and started walking back down the path to the office. I had so much going on in my head from what Michael had just taught and shown me that we didn’t talk. Once back in the office, the white glow that surrounded and covered everything subsided. The office was back to normal and Michael was standing in the middle of the Gate of Grace. Michael spoke to me one more time.          
Michael… Remember all I have shown you for you will need it when you teach. Our time is done, yet we will speak again. Be at peace and teach only love.
As he finished speaking, the light around him started to fold in on itself and in no time at all Michael was gone.  Now I need to write this up.

Bless your hearts,



Archangel Michael


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