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2021   March 19

March 19, 2021 Visit  pdf version

I was out in the backyard fencing in the pond so the new puppy doesn’t fall in because it is too deep for her. She is going to have to get a lot bigger before she can get out on her own. I finished and started to clean up when decided I need some coffee. As I started to head to the house my name was called.

Michael…Joe. Blessed are you and the masters.

I am so glad you showed up. But, before we go any further, I have to ask you who has sent you.

Michael…I Am has sent me as I have told you years ago.

Well, one of the masters said in your last visit they didn’t think you would have said the things you did. So I guess they didn’t like your joke to me or what you said we should do to be safe. They said their guides asked for you to say who has sent you in case it really isn't you. Like I wouldn’t notice if it were an imposter. Besides, I know the vibrations and energy you give off and I know the sound of your voice. No one sounds like you.

They asked how does someone know who has sent you and if you are sent from God. I told them when an entity or guide comes, you ask them that. Whoever shows up has to tell you and they have to tell you the truth. I thought they wanted to know where their own guides came from. That’s when their guides requested I ask you and that’s why I asked.

Michael…This is so. they must tell you. I give information to you. It's not up to you to be a diplomat in what I say, nor is it up to me. When the I AM gives me something to give to you, I give it regardless of who likes it or not. This is not the first time one of the masters, or for that matter several of them, didn't like the information I gave you. When I give you something it's for the greater good of your kind. If people choose not to use it that's fine.

Maybe it would be a good idea if you didn't joke with me because you're not very good at it. Humor is something you Angels are not very good at and it just makes people upset or their guides don't like it. It might be a good idea for them to ask their guides who has sent them.

Michael…Joe, people believe in things and there's nothing you can do to change their mind. All they can do is be with love and find the truth. People have a need to be right about their beliefs and will do anything to protect them whether it's the truth or not. You are not given wisdom from me to convince people of anything. I give you the wisdom and you give it to others and they do with it what they will.

When you say something to me I just write down what you say. I don't edit it because that's not my job. My job, as I see it, is to give the information and wisdom you give to me and that's it. It's like you told me in the beginning, I'm a messenger. All I do is carry the message and that's what I've tried my best to do. OK, I'm done with this so let's move on to something else.

One of the masters has medical problems that they've had for years and they keep asking me to ask you what they should do about that. So what should I tell them?

Michael… I know of whom you speak. Say unto them to ask their Angel and the Angel will support them in their healing.

I told them to do that and they said their Angel hasn't given them any information and hasn't answered them at all.

Michael… Their angel will always answer. Perhaps they have not yet learned how to hear. One must be fully open to hear their Angel speak to them. All they need do is ask the question and clear their mind. Their Angel will give them the information they need.

OK, I will tell them or maybe they will just read this visit. What else do you have for me? I know you didn’t just come here just to listen to more talk about some of the masters.

Michael…I am here to tell the masters to notice what has taken place after the Novas Invicta. That was to send out the light of truth and look all that came from shining the light on the darkness. This is just the beginning. More will be seen as the light grows and that which is hidden will be no more. Blessed are the Masters for sending out the light.

I noticed it was quite different sending it out rather than calling it in. I could feel the energy moving through me and out from me. It was all different this time.

Michael…Let us speak of the conference coming this year. You have someone teaching about the sacred oils and how to use them.

Yes for the 2021 Conference in Dallas, I have Rick Welton teaching and he is really good at it. He has been using the oils for years and knows a lot about which oil to use for what condition. I also have a couple of other people that I am considering as speakers. Plus, I've got some processes that you suggested I do at the conference this year. So I think we're going to have a pretty good conference.

Michael… It has been years since you have done any teaching. It might be wise for you to teach tuning forks at the conference. Many people have obtained tuning forks for healing. It would be a good idea for you to teach the tuning forks again. Those that have ordered the tuning forks could use the knowledge of how to use them. It would be wise for you to offer a refresher course in case they have forgotten how to use them properly.

You know, that sounds like a good idea. I will set time aside at the conference to offer a refresher course to those I have already taught and teach the new people. I have a lot of information gained over the years and am always finding out new things. Another thing I am doing is a process on how to find out your life’s purpose. It worked for me.

Michael… This too is a wise thing. Perhaps people will find their life’s purpose and will work towards it. There are other things I will have you do at the conference this year, yet we will talk about those as the time gets closer. Our time is done for now we will talk again within the next few months so that everything is set for the conference. Be at peace and teach only love.

The ball of light that usually surrounds Michael once again began to fade, as did Michael, and he was gone. It was only then that I realized that we were standing in the Gate of Grace that I have set up in the backyard. I guess that during our talking and walking we ended up in the Gate of Grace.

I think it's a good idea that I begin writing this visit up so I can get it sent out. So until then, as Michael says, “Be at peace and teach only love.” Joe


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