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  Workshops with Joe Crane

If you would like to host a class in your area give me a call I will give you the information on how we can make it happen. Call Joe Crane at 830 751 2270. More information on the Workshops page.

7 Wounds Class   complete info
You will learn what the Seven Wounds are and how they came about. You will have each Wound healed and sealed. You will be taught how and empowered to heal the Seven Wounds of others. You will be Certified as a Seven Wounds Healer. Your life will change in way you canít imagine with a clean and clear place to make choices in your life.
Class Fee $500

Fountain of Life Class  
complete info
At the completion of the course you will be taught the ability to pass the Wholeness Blessing as given to us by the Angelic realm.
Class Fee $150

Introduction to Vibrational Healing With Tuning and Oil   complete info
This is a one day class on the use of Tuning Forks and Oils as well as the use of the Chakra and Seven Names of God fork sets.

  Workshops with Joe Crane  

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